Dave: Why not?

Christy: [rolling eyes] Seriously?

Dave: Yeah

Christy: Fine but I’m not driving to the store.

Dave: [pouting]

Christy: Don’t give me the eyes you know it only works for Bella, the traffic sucks today.

Dave: [hollering] Bellaaaaaaa!

Bella: [pitter pattering out] Yeah?

Dave: Give Mom the face.

Bella: [pouting and puppy eyes]

Christy: Daddy wants you to go to the store with him [grinning]

Bella: Ice Cream!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dave: [sigh] Fine, I’ll go.

Christy: [grin] I thought so.

Dave & Christy: May your New Year be as sweet as an ice cream sundae!


Fancy Body Powder DIY
I scored the tins for my holiday body powder on sale at Joann for $1.19! Add powder, toss on a bow, and in reality this home made dusting powder only cost a little under $2 for me to make per person. Don’t ask me how much is actually in it I don’t have a scale it was put in with a XL cupcake batter scoop, lol.

Christy: So this year I wanted to do something really special for gifts and as it is so hard to buy for people I wanted to show I put some thought and effort into something besides agonizing over what to get them, lol, so I decided to make body powder!

Dave: There is no Yuletide smell to be had in our house at the moment, it smells like someone spilled a few different bottles of perfume.

I would prefer the cookie smell from the other day, can we go back to that?

Christy: Yes, that’s scheduled for Thursday.

Dave: Yummmmm! [smacking chops]

Christy: So this is a quick post because I’ve got scads of things to finish tonight including finishing the kitchen organizing since my spidey sense went haywire as I was about to pass Winn Dixie and I know to listen when that happens.  Woot! Scored pork roast for 99 cents a pound and frozen turkey for 74 cents a pound. That’s right y’all guess who’s going to be cooking and separating them this week for quick meals?

Dave: Uuuuummmmm Pulled Pork.

Christy: Yes, that too 

So if you want to make some awesome cheap body powder in whatever favorite perfume scent that you want it is so simple you won’t believe you’ve never done it before.

Dave: I looked for some for you once but didn’t see any, I just thought it wasn’t popular or something.

Christy: The stuff is especially great for ladies to finish after a shower (especially during the hot sweaty months) and the scent lasts all day but isn’t overpowering…powder is kind of like the wax melts when I think about it.  Our bodies are the warmer and the powder scent gently scents us.

Dave: Hmmm

Christy: Yeah, I see  you’re real talkative tonight, lol.

Anyway, to make the powder you will need

  • A box of cornstarch from the grocery store (under $2 in most places)
  • OR a bottle of unscented talcum powder (at the dollar store)
  • A container that will hold however much you make, I utilized an empty coffee can for the making process.
  • Smaller containers to separate smaller it up if you’re giving it away. 1 box of cornstarch from the store make 3 of the smaller containers I’d gotten.
  • 3-5 Cotton balls (the more you put in the stronger the smell)
  • Your favorite perfume (you can use herbs if you want but you’ll need to put them in something so they don’t actually end up in the powder)
  • Oh, and you’ll need something to use as a puff! I’m actually using some super soft bundled feathers.
  • Pour your preferred powder into your container, squirt a few cotton balls til saturated with your perfume and toss them in the container too.
  • Close container and shake a couple times per day for a couple days.
  • Put into smaller container minus the scented cotton balls.
  • Viola!


Yet another sleepless Saturday morning.  Dee’s got another test today, this time it’s the ACT having taken the SAT last time.  Poor kiddo, I feel for her, I really do, these tests are important but the stress is horrid.

I of course couldn’t drive her to the test because the minivan still isn’t fixed, that requires funding that we just don’t have nor will we have anytime soon…

At any rate I scheduled a cab for 7, calculated the cost (1.50 to turn on the meter and 2 per mile) at roughly $11.50 there, yikes!  How do people afford this mess?


Themes, oh my gosh, have you seen the theme options for WordPress? We’re looking for one that says, “random ramblings, can you believe that happened?”, and occasionally, “holy cow that’s a frickin awesome product and I must share it with the world” Our would be theme must also say, “people comfortable in their own skin who only occasionally give a fig what people think because we’re not disillusioned enough to think the world is a nice place and it’s our right to be whoever we are….. yeah, I think I need to go drink another cup of coffee before I try to communicate, lol.