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What the ever loving flip-flop?

Y’all, I have no idea what deity I have offended… Perhaps it is just Murphy making himself known again. All I do know is that nothing productive that I have tried to do today has gone as it should.

The thing is the whole plan for this morning was to go on to the T-shirt site and upload a couple of designs for quotes from “The Book of Dave: A New Path After a $17 Million Misstep” so that we could get a couple of coffee cups and T-shirts and maybe share with our friends and fans if they wanted them to. Alas, this has not been as easy as you would think it would be.

Seriously, we just want to get this on a tee, a coffee cup, and a tank and instead of that happening it’s become “One of THOSE Days”

No, we’ve got Two of the designs out but when we went to at the third the stupid site was saying that we needed to set up a payout email, you know, for PayPal, because we already have a payout that needs to be collected for like nine dollars, LOL.

When I go to do that (& think I am done mind you) it turns out it’s not done it for some reason? So I go to log into the email associated with the account only to see if I needed to OK whatever the heck the site just had me do the blaster Web mail server is telling me that the freaking email account doesn’t exist! What the heck?

So I go to the main Go Daddy page, you know, to log into my email through cPanel. I login that way and get into that account and there is nothing there? So I go to my regular gmail account and send myself an email and go and send myself an email back from my domain account and while it is shown as being sent from the domain account… I am not receiving the emails from my gmail account even though that account is receiving the one from the domain account. Are you now as confused as I am?

We are just trying to get a little something done here today y’all! Seriously, it should not be this difficult; now I have to wait for the telephone to charge so I can call Go Daddy to see why I am not getting emails so I can get this whole silly thing straightened out.

What the ever loving flip-flop?

One of Those Days

Yeah, so today is the last day of the year and also happens to be “One of Those Days”

Lovely, lol. If you’re here at the site and wondering what happened to the site and where all the posts went, well, I don’t even know where to begin but I canna find the blasted special file at the moment to re-upload all the posts. This, of course, is after having one of the scripts that was supposed to auto-post to social media go wonky on me and having the social media saying I needed to do something about it. Of course, that’s not all that’s gone sideways for me today but you get the gist of it.

So, be patient and I’ll get everything back up and running, if nothing else i still have all the photos that went with the various posts so I reckon there’s hope ya? 🙂

See ya next year!

Pop Goes The biscuits

So, I am sitting here minding my own business when I hear a thump and then something fall onto the kitchen floor. I snagged my glasses and took a peer across the room and saw a can; walking over to said can I picked it up and discovered that it was a can of biscuits. 🤔 Wondering why there was a can of biscuits that belong in the refrigerator on the floor, lol, I remembered that Bellatrix had been assisting in putting away groceries last time and lo and behold when I opened the cabinet I saw this. She had obviously put both cans of the refrigerator biscuits in the cabinet instead of the refrigerator. Of course with having the AC off due to nicer weather it is a bit warmer in the house this morning and so the can of biscuits did what any can of biscuits that is left in the warmth does, and as they did so they managed to knock everything over under the cabinet when the expansion of the dough finally made the can pop. How was your day so far?

Image may contain: food


We couldn’t even sit and write this post yesterday because it was still Monday and lemme tell ya Monday was one of those days all. day. long and for just about everyone in the house.

I was trying to get a painting tutorial done of course and you know, the card in the camera filled and cut me off.  Ok, no problem I emptied it.

So I’m back to painting again and about 30 minutes later the battery lost the last of it’s charge.  Ok, no problem I had one charging so I swapped it out.

So, I’m back to painting again and I’m darn near at the end of the turorial and lo and behold…someone used the bathroom next to my office (not naming names, lol) my camera of course picked up every sound echoing through the wall and seeing as I couldn’t just go back and repaint the steps because the part was done my second go at this painting was unusable.

So, I’m back to painting again the 3rd incarnation of the acrylic version of the Live Oaks of St. Augustine and lo and behold the paint decided to start lifting when I was adding the next layer because I started before the under-layer was dry because at this point I was just trying to get the blasted thing filmed and over with.  I had to re-cover the entire canvas with the first color :-/

So I’m back to painting YET AGAIN, and the remote access for the camera (via the tablet) cut off and I finally used some highly colorful words at this point only to discover once I got them connected again that the camera had just kept on filming and I might have potentially taught people a few new swear words if I dare try to use that video… So now I can’t use that work either and I have to start over from scratch today.

It was like that all day at the house, just one thing after another.

  • Nancy managed to cut herself while cutting a lemon.
  • The phone kept ringing
  • I had company (though nice to see them it still stopped my work)
  • The dog had gas and kept walking past people and spreading his flatulance.
  • I had hot flashes all day
  • I dropped a blob of paint on the canvas instead of the palette
  • And so on

And then Dave came home from work and we heard about his day.  It was also a bit gnarly with wonky paperwork, being sick, and of course …

Dave: So, today I was under the influence of DayQuil and held the stop-and-go sign instead of being on the machine because you know … safety. So, one of the other guys was driving the machine today and went to pull up a tree on the side of A1A and unfortunately for everybody, the trees roots had wrapped themselves around a pipe hidden underground. Whops!

Oh, there was a bit more but I’m over it and he’s over it and today is Tuesday which is trash day in our neighborhood and we’ve elected to metaphorically let all the crap from yesterday just go to the curb because we will only accept today being normal and good and we’re thinking good vibes things …even if Dave did forget his lunch and I somehow for the first time in a couple years didn’t wake up til 8:15.


11:25 AM

Ugh, I mean seriously [sigh] I finally get new ink for the epson to print a photo and I can’t do it because even though there is new ink the head is clogged or something.  Now mind you I also have a sweet laser printer but of course it does not print photo quality stuff and it needs new color toners anyway to the tune of $40 for generics.  My little epson though was $8 for ink with free shipping.

I just want to print something ya? WHY??? Why can’t stuff just do what the heck it is supposed to do? Frog darn it, poo, ka, ugh.

Naughty print head…guess what piece of office equipment is not on the card list? Well, its not on it because it currently cant even print the cards! :-/

So it turns out that Epson printers have a built-in permanent printhead which allows them to go high on quality or something.  Unfortunately if you’re like ME and let the ink run out in a color or something completely before replacing it even though I do make sure to keep the machine off when not in use, then you’ve essentially just mucked the whole thing up.

Of course!

So now I’ve got the windex soaked paper towel under the head for 15 minutes and I’m hoping that helps, the black ink is already doing it’s thing again and I got some yellow stain on my fingers from putting the towel under the head too so I’m hopeful.

I don’t know why Monday type things keep happening on Fridays, but there ya go, lol.

So, to clean the printhead on your epson xp-410 take a stroll over to Ink Magic and check out their how to page. 

1:00 PM

^&%($#*(@*(&!!! Thing still won’t work

Broke out the ancient 1280 to see if I could get it up and running again after years in the closet

Guess what’s printing a frickin picture right now? That’s right, the blasted Epson 1280 that we haven’t used in years after putting on an continuous ink system because it kept eating paper. To be fair it’s still eating paper but if I’m quick like one of those street magicians I can make sure the paper goes where it’s supposed to…the dothingie that goes back and forth has already whacked me more than I care to admit but if nobody saw that bit, did it really happen?

The good news is that it’s printing, it’s not perfect but at least I can have a color example to go by for the paintings if I really really like the color aqua which is the color everything is coming out as in the pink, white, and grey winter picture I snagged to test the printer with. At least the blasted thing is actually attempting something eh?

I’m done, it’s time for lunch.

How was your morning? 😀


I am just sitting here shaking my head in wonder because our landlord dropped a line that says;

“Your cashiers check was returned to us.  I didn’t know that could happen.  Said they were unable to locate the account.  If you could check into this I would appreciate it.”


Yeah, my first thought was, well, cashiers checks are guaranteed funds how the heck did that happen?

So I called the bank, and mind you I’ve been giving the landlord cashiers checks from my account for years I mean I have banked with Navy Federal Credit Union since 1994, yes that 22 years, and yes that’s longer than I’ve been a coffee junkie since I didn’t really start drinking so much coffee til after Madeline was born because keeping up with two kids was tiring.

I don’t need this stress I was in a groove of painting and now my muse ran away screaming hysterically and looking to hop a boat to Hawaii for a bit of inspiration and maybe a nice block party.

Well after talking to a super sweet lady named Karen she and I both ended up shaking our heads I think and she basically said,

“…this item was never presented to Navy Federal for payment.  Please advise recipient to inquire with their bank where item was deposited as to why the check was not accepted.  We have no further information because the check was not presented for negotiation. ”

I of course asked if she could send that in an email so that he could take it to his bank with him, which she did.

So basically the ball is back in his court and I went to take him the letter but he wasn’t in the office, because…..Murphysday!


Happy Hamburger Day!

Dave: : Of course

Christy: [nodding] Of course

Dave: : One of those days

Christy: Yep [laughing]

So as many of you know we were supposed to be in Winter Garden for Turkey day, alas we did not make it because the car decided it didn’t want to cooperate.


Dave: : Of course we missed the pumpkin pie which is is like the best part of gathering, well, that and seeing the family 

Christy: I swear, you and sweets [shaking head] now I know where Bellatrix gets her love of anything sugary.

Dave: : Of course

Christy: Annnnyyyyyway, so we had to limp the car back home since home was closer than Dad’s.

Dave: : And all the auto parts places are closed

Christy: At least we had google

Dave: : I’m still amazed at the things that you can find on the internet nowadays.

Christy: You and me both

Dave: : So our Turkey Day was Burger Day and that’s ok because it’s not about the food it’s about the company and being with the ones you love;  and family, even if you aren’t able to spend time with the whole family … even the few you can gather is something to cherish.  I suppose you can look at our car problems and having to come home as an adventure.

Christy: True, it was a good day and after our feast I have to admit gaming for the evening was most enjoyable, lol. You know, most of what we call “One of those days” are actually just funny or weird adventures.

Dave: : Truly, I mean we had to hunt down some hamburger buns and chips on a day when all the grocery stores were closed.

Christy: At least at the end of the real life adventurering there was no boss level dragons or some such, just a slightly freezer burned meal and funnily enough a sweet roll, lol.


Dave: And if they’ve never played Skyrim they won’t even get that reference, but I would like to note that I was pleased I didn’t end up with even a scratch for a change let alone an arrow to the knee, lol. Happy Burger Day 


Christy: Happy Burger Day 


Christy: Yeah, it’s one of those days, ALL DAY LONG.

Dave: Yep

Christy: Aren’t you just so excited?

Dave: Oh yeah, I can’t remember the last time I slept through my alarm.

Christy: I think it was because it was raining, very very soothing and hard to hear the alarm over it.

Dave: Didn’t help that it was like pitch black outside at 6:45

Christy: Oh yeah. Well, at least you had a bit of a reprieve by going to work.

Dave: And I greatly appreciate the travel cup of coffee you made me this morning.

Christy: You’re welcome, you looked like you could use a cuppa more than me at that point.

Dave: True

Christy: You’re actually lucky you went to work when you did, lol.

My coffee didn’t work properly  this morning , oh no. I was just a hot mess today being awake before my regular time, worried about just about everything going on right now including but not limited to the hurricane, the movie that came out because you’re not that guy and we’re broker than a car without an engine if we’re going to be completely honest with the world, then trying to be not in the bathroom with an upset stomach when the teacher was supposed to pull kiddo into a separate class connect room for us to view her progress report because they were doing that will all the kids today (and they didn’t even get around to us, go figure), keeping an eye on the Duval evacuation map and wondering why on earth we don’t even qualify for an actual zone?, and have I mentioned being a woman is occasionally cruddy, that empty nest feeling can still happen to you even if you still have a kid at home because the other two are adults and I still can’t help but worry about them …especially where there’s bad weather :-/

Then I had to convince the dog that yes he really does want to hurry up and do his business despite the fact that it’s raining because of course he hates getting his feet wet even if it’s just sprinkling and stood in the backdoor giving me the ‘are you serious’ look for like 5 minutes when I tried to put him out, then I had to hunt down a noise that I kept hearing that was like a crinkling sound which turned out to be the ferret getting into mischief, the window AC in the living room started making some weird whining sound that kept going even though I turned it off and only stopped when I unplugged it, oh and I forgot to take something out for dinner earlier [sigh] I think I need a vacation or to win lotto.

Dave: Got it all out now?


Christy: Yeah, thank you 

Dave: So lemme tell you about my day, I spent my day picking up signs to put them in a pile so the company that we rent them from will come and get them. So, we gather up all the signs, cones, orange barrels, all the various things that go with a highway job into one place thinking that our part of the job was done… we were oh so wrong.

When the rental company arrived they were under the impression that we were going to deliver said detritus to their office almost an hour away in traffic no less. By the time all the discussions were done we ended up re-moving all the sings, cones, orange barrels and other various things that go with a highway job to another location, in the rain. Yeah.

On a good note, I did re tape our Plexiglas passenger window back into the car while I was waiting in line at the gas pump on the way home.  I haven’t seen lines like that since like ’76 or thereabouts.

Christy: Hang on I need to google detritus.

Dave: Are you telling me there’s a word I know that you don’t know?

Christy: [blush] yeah [peering at google definition] good word usage btw

Dave: I know something else too

Christy: And what would that be?

Dave: The sound in the air conditioner is because there was a leaf in it getting stuck enough to whistle when the strong airflow hits it. You know, detritus.


Have you ever done something that you wish really really didn’t happen but alas it did? Well, since weird stuff is always happening around us it’s no surprise anymore when it does and we just kinda roll with it.

Anyway so Parker Bows is doing a giveaway on their FB page and all you had to do is like and comment to be entered and so I thought it was time to fess up to what happened to Dave’s crossbow a couple years ago.


Christy: So yeah, the car is running, I didn’t want to finish the saga of the latest car fiasco until I was sure it was going to ferry us around because I didn’t want to invite Murphy back into the mix by saying everything was fine.

Dave: [snort] He’s there anyway, it’s running rich for some reason.

Christy: Yeah, didn’t this whole mess start with it getting too much gas?

Dave: Of course.

Christy: Also, what do you think that new weird sound I heard when taking Dee to work yesterday morning and turned the wheel hard is?

Dave: Probably about $300.

Christy: Well Dang.

Dave: Yeah, because we have never had a vehicle that didn’t have some kind of issue.

Christy: Maybe we should get a priest to bless it? LOL

Dave: Naw, that might wash the dirt from the worksite off it and I’m pretty sure it’s the dirt that’s holding the car together.

Christy: Good point.