Dave and Christy: Welcome to DaveandChristy.com

Christy: We are David and Christy Ghantt (yes, the real David Ghantt) and we are just a couple of normal people for the most part…despite the amount of odd happenings that occur around us.  We’ve got 3 kids all together, one of which is 20 and taking collage classes in his spare time and working 2 jobs, one who just turned 18 that’s just graduated has a job and is looking forward to college, and I had the surprise baby who is currently 8.  You’ll see mention of the kiddos every so often and maybe a photo or two but the older ones are rarely around due to their super busy lives (I wouldn’t want to be that age again for anything,lol) so you’ll see us mentioning the wee one the most . You know, we often joke we should have named her “Korbel”

Dave: Hey, I’ve seen worse names, lol! At any rate, I’m currently a heavy equipment operator which doesn’t pay as much as you’d think and if those people get their way getting 15 bucks an hour for flipping burgers I’m gong to go do that because I don’t even make that much and it’s far less dangerous and doesn’t require specialized safety training every year or freezing or roasting daily in the rain… uphill both ways.

Christy: [Spock eyebrow] Run on sentence much? [grin] I’m a part time WAHM (work at home mom) who is also the main learning coach for our youngest child who is enrolled in virtual school.

Dave: And I’m the part time learning coach, I usually do science activities with kiddo because I’m the one who knows where all the tools and such are for building things like a more realistic stringed instrument rather the rubber band and coffee can deal they wanted us to do.  I mean seriously how do we have a house with 3 women and no rubber bands for y’alls long hair?

Christy: Because normal rubber bands will break your hair, that’s why we use the woven hair twisty things 😀

Dave: Huh.  So yeah, I do science with kiddo or whatever else she wants to do with me usually just a couple things but we enjoy the time together.

We as parents really like the virtual school because most of the work can be completed in half the time of traditional brick and mortar schools, we’re able to tailor lessons to her learning style, and most importantly there are no distractions from other kids.

Christy: Yeah, her biggest complaint for the actual virtual classes we’ve been in are that they’re so slow to get the work done because all the kids are at different speeds and she’s quick on the uptake.  And no, that’s not just some Mom saying that, our kid is like a sponge seeking to have her questions answered and when she’s got something she’s ready to move on to something else. She abhors the constant repetition of works sheets and “checkpoints” all asking her about what she’s already “Got”

Oh crud Dave, look at us waxing on about kids and school, lol.

Dave: Well, that’s what parents do after all, we can’t help ourselves it seems.  People aren’t just parents, they’re also teachers and sometimes people nowadays forget that. I know that if you want to raise a well rounded child you have to take the time to actually do it yourself, you can’t rely on someone else to teach your child right and wrong, life skills, reasoning, philosophy, why we should care about others, safety, or any of those things.

Christy: Truer words were never spoken.

To get to the end of this page though I’m just going to reiterate what I said in a comment to someone on an earlier post:

The amount of zany stuff that goes on in our lives is sometimes easily forgotten because there’s so much of it, I wanted to start chronicling it so that that when we’re old and grey (hopefully! lol) we’ll have a clear account of what happened many moons ago to keep us entertained in between complaining about our bad knees and griping about young whippersnappers…

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