What the ever loving flip-flop?

Y’all, I have no idea what deity I have offended… Perhaps it is just Murphy making himself known again. All I do know is that nothing productive that I have tried to do today has gone as it should.

The thing is the whole plan for this morning was to go on to the T-shirt site and upload a couple of designs for quotes from “The Book of Dave: A New Path After a $17 Million Misstep” so that we could get a couple of coffee cups and T-shirts and maybe share with our friends and fans if they wanted them to. Alas, this has not been as easy as you would think it would be.

Seriously, we just want to get this on a tee, a coffee cup, and a tank and instead of that happening it’s become “One of THOSE Days”

No, we’ve got Two of the designs out but when we went to at the third the stupid site was saying that we needed to set up a payout email, you know, for PayPal, because we already have a payout that needs to be collected for like nine dollars, LOL.

When I go to do that (& think I am done mind you) it turns out it’s not done it for some reason? So I go to log into the email associated with the account only to see if I needed to OK whatever the heck the site just had me do the blaster Web mail server is telling me that the freaking email account doesn’t exist! What the heck?

So I go to the main Go Daddy page, you know, to log into my email through cPanel. I login that way and get into that account and there is nothing there? So I go to my regular gmail account and send myself an email and go and send myself an email back from my domain account and while it is shown as being sent from the domain account… I am not receiving the emails from my gmail account even though that account is receiving the one from the domain account. Are you now as confused as I am?

We are just trying to get a little something done here today y’all! Seriously, it should not be this difficult; now I have to wait for the telephone to charge so I can call Go Daddy to see why I am not getting emails so I can get this whole silly thing straightened out.

What the ever loving flip-flop?

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