Yeah, it’s one of those days, the weird stuff is just starting too I’m sure since today is the day we’re finally putting up “The Tree”

To be fair “The Tree” isn’t awful, it’s small and lopsided as is every tree I’ve ever put up and no amount of adjusting the fake branches ever helps but it’s cute and we like it.  Currently “The Tree” (and I put it in parentheses because it’s, ya know, THE TREE and because I was having a haha moment and thought what the heck, why not)

Of course the day started out like any other for any other person anywhere in the world, I woke up and used the facilities (see! we the citizens of the world do have some things in common eh? We all pee) and then I went on my merry way to make coffee and check on the cooler that Dave offered to loan to Rach today so that she could have cool drinks at the flea market.

Dude, my darling husband’s idea of an acceptable cooler and anyone who isn’t a seasoned fisherman looking to just have something to hold stuff version of acceptable is vastly different let me tell you.  It still had his ice water bottles in it from the last time he used it and a cracked side [rolling eyes]

So then I was off to get bread, which I managed to do in record time and even scored a loaf of pumpernickel which of course is a favorite here.

Then I came home to see what I had left in the account after paying electric and internet (which I kinda have to have considering our kiddo goes to school online eh?) and of course after I splurged $40 on groceries, which is when I discovered that a service that I have was getting ready to renew and I just don’t have the funds for it right now so I wanted to cancel my monthly fee of $6.95 but of course could not for the life of me remember my login information [facepalm] you know, I understand having different log in information for different sites I truly do know that from a security standpoint that it is a good idea but I know that I’m not the only one that ends up forgetting them and now understand why my mom always carries a little notebook of important info in her purse, lol.  Not that that I would ever start carrying a purse because that just leads to kids and hubby asking me to carry stuff but I understand the reasoning now.

So how is it one of those days? Well, immediately after getting the site situation straightened out (20 minute wait for a pop up chat mind you) I walked past the fan and something flew into my eye.

It burned! WTH, was my first thought as I dashed through the house to my bathroom so that I could flush my burning eyeball.  So there I am flushing and flushing and flushing my eye and looking occasionally into the mirror to see if I could locate what flew in and I just kept seeing this dang red spot right near the iris and it was completely freaking me out even though my eye had stopped burning from whatever had flown into it and was now just burning from the tap water that I used. So I switched to the little mirror over by the window for a more light saturated look-see as it hadn’t even occurred to me to turn on the bathroom light because …ya! it burned! And there was nothing there. Hmmm, so I looked back into the other mirror and it was back!  So I looked into the medicine cabinet mirror again and there was nothing there, so I looked into the mirror over the sink again and it was back! So I gave the medicine cabinet mirror the stink eye and that was when I noticed my red bra sitting on the counter because I was a lazy ass last night and didn’t put it where it belonged (don’t judge me, it’s the hols and every chick should have red unders to match what they’re wearing) Anyway, the light from the window was just enough to reflect the over the shoulder boulder holder that was on the counter onto the medicine cabinet mirror to (of course) my wet eyeball while I was looking in the mirror over the sink [facepalm] only me.

Still haven’t figured out what got in my eye but it’s done now and I don’t trust my sneaky medicine cabinet mirror anymore.

Can’t wait to see what fight the tree puts up later, should be interesting as I left it out on the porch last night uncovered to scare any spiders from the shed out of it’s packaging