50 Years of Awesome

On Monday October 20th, 1969… I was born. I honestly think that might have been the first of my “one of those days” lol. Looking back onto that day at takemeback.to makes me wonder if by chance the day that I was born was a kind of weird divine life reading/plan smashed together on a lark by the powers that be. Because looking at the information is like staring at a blueprint of irony.

I mean think about it, Monty Python’s Flying Circus was the big thing on TV, The Temptations were popular in music, the President of the US was Richard Nixon, and I was born on a Monday.

And what happened in my life? I grew up to be a bank robber (a thief though unlike Nixion I never said I wasn’t) because of the temptation  of all that money I ended up on an adventure right out of a Monty Python skit and ended up with a comedy movie being done about the whole thing and all it’s flubs. Coincidence? It makes you wonder because after all, I was born on a Monday.

Sure other cool things happened, like:

  1. Elvis Presley. Yes, I was alive and enjoying one of the greatest singers the world has ever seen and then one day he was just gone. I remember watching the funeral and news coverage of Elvis. Everyone was shocked, it was like thousands of voices all shouted “No” in disbelief at the same time and watched in horror as one of their favorites, a person that felt like a part of all our families was just suddenly not there anymore. I was devastated.
  2. NASA-Skylab: This was a huge effort from Nasa and they had this neat “report from skylab from CBS’ This huge space station was so beyond cool for a youngster who loved science. I mean, I was in awe! They were testing things like how long a person could be in space, growing plants, the experience of prolonged weightlessness. I followed the whole 24 weeks, bought the collectors edition stamp and all that, lol.
  3. NASA- The 1st Space Shuttle launch. Yeah, NASA strikes again with mans ingenuity and desire to explore, it’s thrilling to watch and so of course I was glued to the TV on the 12th of April, 1981. The young adventurer in me like many others was enraptured at the idea of a time when space travel might be commonplace someday. It’s like the world got a little smaller and the universe a bit closer.
  4. NASA- The shuttle explosion: I was at home one day sick as a dog watching “The Price is Right” and they interruped Bob Barker, and I knew if they were cutting Bob it had to be huge. They showed it over and over and I sat there completely dumbstruck that something so horrible could happen to some of my childhood heros. It brought it home to me on how dangerous an undertaking can be even with a thinktank of geniuses putting a plan together.
  5. The Berlin Wall- I remember Ronald Regan being on TV and saying “mr. gorbachau take down this wall” and I saw people attacking the wall, tearing it down,and then one day it was gone. It was a moment in time that showed that people could come togher and right a wrong.
  6. Cable TV- I remember the hype of TV with no commercials, all kinds of packages based on your entertainment interests, and best of all there were remote controls. I remember my mother complaining about the price, I think it was around $30 a month, which to be fair was a decent bit of change at that time but cable was awesome because no more static TV shows, no fiddling with antenna, and again a remote control so one didn’t need to walk across the room to change the channel.
  7. The Gas Crunch – If you think gas prices are crappy right now lemme tell you about the time when gas prices doubled and then tripled and then the prices never went back down. Yeah, one day it was like 40 cents a gallon and the next it was near a whole Dollar, if you could find it. When the whole thing first started there were gas stations running out of gas, telling people they could only buy X amount of gallons, lines at the pump that went up the block, etc., it was ridiculous. Really I think the US cut off it’s nose to spite it’s face in this instance because suddenly everyone was ditching their American made cars and trucks and buying those cheap little Honda cars from overseas;,they were after all a well made vehicle, dependable, and got more miles to the gallon than that old pickup truck.
  8. The Concorde- I watched the world shrink a bit further with transcontinental super sonic flight and lemme tell ya, the Concorde was a sexy looking machine with sleek lines and swept wings. The 747’s that came along were ugly duckling by comparison.
  9. Star Wars- I remember standing in line at the theater for like 45 minutes to see Star Wars. I was a bit unsure of what all the hype was about at first but it was that day that science fiction became a part of me and hundreds of thousands of people’s imaginations plugged into The Force. The sounds, the special effects, the story…It. Was. Awesome. Nothing like the more recent ones that I won’t comment on.

As I reflect on all the things I have seen, people I have met, places I have gone, things I have done & accomplished; even with the bad times and the boring bits of regular life, well, I truly cant complain. Yeah, it hasn’t been all rainbows and unicorns , or roses (whatever) but it hasn’t been all gloom and doom either. My scars and tattoos all have a story, some good, some bad, and so do my experiences. I look back and see how I have grown and changed as a human, and what I have learned and can share from my life experiences. The biggest thing I can share is that I am far from perfect but trying to strike the best balance possible even while occasionally failing. I just keep getting up though and trying something else because I can and so can you, the only time that you won’t move forward is when you decide not to. To those who have read all of this Thank You , I look forward to my next 50 years and sharing them with you .
Hugs and kisses~ Dave

What the ever loving flip-flop?

Y’all, I have no idea what deity I have offended… Perhaps it is just Murphy making himself known again. All I do know is that nothing productive that I have tried to do today has gone as it should.

The thing is the whole plan for this morning was to go on to the T-shirt site and upload a couple of designs for quotes from “The Book of Dave: A New Path After a $17 Million Misstep” so that we could get a couple of coffee cups and T-shirts and maybe share with our friends and fans if they wanted them to. Alas, this has not been as easy as you would think it would be.

Seriously, we just want to get this on a tee, a coffee cup, and a tank and instead of that happening it’s become “One of THOSE Days”

No, we’ve got Two of the designs out but when we went to at the third the stupid site was saying that we needed to set up a payout email, you know, for PayPal, because we already have a payout that needs to be collected for like nine dollars, LOL.

When I go to do that (& think I am done mind you) it turns out it’s not done it for some reason? So I go to log into the email associated with the account only to see if I needed to OK whatever the heck the site just had me do the blaster Web mail server is telling me that the freaking email account doesn’t exist! What the heck?

So I go to the main Go Daddy page, you know, to log into my email through cPanel. I login that way and get into that account and there is nothing there? So I go to my regular gmail account and send myself an email and go and send myself an email back from my domain account and while it is shown as being sent from the domain account… I am not receiving the emails from my gmail account even though that account is receiving the one from the domain account. Are you now as confused as I am?

We are just trying to get a little something done here today y’all! Seriously, it should not be this difficult; now I have to wait for the telephone to charge so I can call Go Daddy to see why I am not getting emails so I can get this whole silly thing straightened out.

What the ever loving flip-flop?

How Does The Garden Grow?

At the moment the garden grows in pots instead of in all in grow bags because I don’t have the grow bag area finished and…the peppers are still tiny, like, seriously they’re itty bitty, lol.

Here’s what I’ve got though since I’m keeping a record.

Here’s a photo of the Sugar Snap Peas sprouting on January 30th
Cylindra beets sprouting February 4th.
Peas and Beets Photo March 7th, 2019

There’s a bit more work to do out in the garden and I’m pretty excited about it because even the carrots are doing their thing! I’ll post photos when everything is set up.

One of Those Days

Yeah, so today is the last day of the year and also happens to be “One of Those Days”

Lovely, lol. If you’re here at the site and wondering what happened to the site and where all the posts went, well, I don’t even know where to begin but I canna find the blasted special file at the moment to re-upload all the posts. This, of course, is after having one of the scripts that was supposed to auto-post to social media go wonky on me and having the social media saying I needed to do something about it. Of course, that’s not all that’s gone sideways for me today but you get the gist of it.

So, be patient and I’ll get everything back up and running, if nothing else i still have all the photos that went with the various posts so I reckon there’s hope ya? 🙂

See ya next year!

How Not to Make a Commercial

Dave: So, we tried for nearly a day (weekend before last) to get this right, finally we had to quit because it had been a long day. Christy was going to try and do something with what we had gathered last week but was a wee bit busy being sick; now that she’s feeling better today she looked at what we had amassed video wise & started fiddling with it.

Christy: I didn’t get a chance to do the chroma removal with any of this because honestly removing the green was for some reason also removing half of Dave’s hair, so…

Dave: So, while it’s not quite the video that we wanted to do since neither of us are video masterminds…

Christy: It’s a compliation of our messed up moments which seemed fun enough to share, lol.

Books2Read.com/b/DavidGhantt is the link for the book

Dave: Feel free to share if you had as much fun watching this as I did 🙂

Dave's Jacked Up Book Video Bloopers

Dave: So, we tried for nearly a day (weekend before last) to get this right, finally we had to quit because it had been a long day. Christy was going to try and do something with what we had gathered last week but was a wee bit busy being sick; now that she's feeling better today she looked at what we had amassed video wise & started fiddling with it.Christy: I didn't get a chance to do the chroma removal with any of this because honestly removing the green was for some reason also removing half of Dave's hair, so…Dave: So, while it's not quite the video that we wanted to do since neither of us are video masterminds…Christy: It's a compliation of our messed up moments which seemed fun enough to share, lol.Books2Read.com/b/DavidGhantt is the link for the bookDave: Feel free to share if you had as much fun watching this as I did 🙂

Posted by daveandchristy.com on Monday, November 19, 2018

Pop Goes The biscuits

So, I am sitting here minding my own business when I hear a thump and then something fall onto the kitchen floor. I snagged my glasses and took a peer across the room and saw a can; walking over to said can I picked it up and discovered that it was a can of biscuits. 🤔 Wondering why there was a can of biscuits that belong in the refrigerator on the floor, lol, I remembered that Bellatrix had been assisting in putting away groceries last time and lo and behold when I opened the cabinet I saw this. She had obviously put both cans of the refrigerator biscuits in the cabinet instead of the refrigerator. Of course with having the AC off due to nicer weather it is a bit warmer in the house this morning and so the can of biscuits did what any can of biscuits that is left in the warmth does, and as they did so they managed to knock everything over under the cabinet when the expansion of the dough finally made the can pop. How was your day so far?

Image may contain: food

Book of Dave-Table of Contents

So, I’ve had a couple people ask me what Dave’s book is about because they missed the post of the back of the book that I shared. It’s not a retelling of the tale behind the movie, it’s a book about what he did to turn his life around after he made one of the biggest mistakes in his life. The book came about because so many people were asking him what he did to get where he is today in terms of overall happiness/quality of life. Here is a list of the Chapters in the book so you’ll have a better idea of what you’ll read in the book. There is a live preview available at Amazon if you’re interested, and of course, you can get to all of the various sellers from his books2read.com/b/DavidGhantt author page.


Today is THE Day!

Ok everyone, TODAY is the DAY! The Book of Dave is now available 🙂 If you want the EBOOK version then this is your post, please be awesome friends and fans and share this far and wide!! The eBook version is available from 8 ebook retailers (so far) including kindle, apple, nook, kobo, scribd, playster, !ndigo, and Angus & Robertson you can get to the seller you prefer easily from the Books2Read page at https://books2read.com/b/brG0GW

If you want print go to https://amzn.to/2OD4gXq

Dave holding a copy of his new book! He said, “Holding it makes it so much more real.” So proud of my hubby the now ‘published author’ ❤️ check out his author page at books2read.com/b/DavidGhantt if you haven’t yet.