Christy: Yeah, it’s one of those days, ALL DAY LONG.

Dave: Yep

Christy: Aren’t you just so excited?

Dave: Oh yeah, I can’t remember the last time I slept through my alarm.

Christy: I think it was because it was raining, very very soothing and hard to hear the alarm over it.

Dave: Didn’t help that it was like pitch black outside at 6:45

Christy: Oh yeah. Well, at least you had a bit of a reprieve by going to work.

Dave: And I greatly appreciate the travel cup of coffee you made me this morning.

Christy: You’re welcome, you looked like you could use a cuppa more than me at that point.

Dave: True

Christy: You’re actually lucky you went to work when you did, lol.

My coffee didn’t work properly  this morning , oh no. I was just a hot mess today being awake before my regular time, worried about just about everything going on right now including but not limited to the hurricane, the movie that came out because you’re not that guy and we’re broker than a car without an engine if we’re going to be completely honest with the world, then trying to be not in the bathroom with an upset stomach when the teacher was supposed to pull kiddo into a separate class connect room for us to view her progress report because they were doing that will all the kids today (and they didn’t even get around to us, go figure), keeping an eye on the Duval evacuation map and wondering why on earth we don’t even qualify for an actual zone?, and have I mentioned being a woman is occasionally cruddy, that empty nest feeling can still happen to you even if you still have a kid at home because the other two are adults and I still can’t help but worry about them …especially where there’s bad weather :-/

Then I had to convince the dog that yes he really does want to hurry up and do his business despite the fact that it’s raining because of course he hates getting his feet wet even if it’s just sprinkling and stood in the backdoor giving me the ‘are you serious’ look for like 5 minutes when I tried to put him out, then I had to hunt down a noise that I kept hearing that was like a crinkling sound which turned out to be the ferret getting into mischief, the window AC in the living room started making some weird whining sound that kept going even though I turned it off and only stopped when I unplugged it, oh and I forgot to take something out for dinner earlier [sigh] I think I need a vacation or to win lotto.

Dave: Got it all out now?


Christy: Yeah, thank you 

Dave: So lemme tell you about my day, I spent my day picking up signs to put them in a pile so the company that we rent them from will come and get them. So, we gather up all the signs, cones, orange barrels, all the various things that go with a highway job into one place thinking that our part of the job was done… we were oh so wrong.

When the rental company arrived they were under the impression that we were going to deliver said detritus to their office almost an hour away in traffic no less. By the time all the discussions were done we ended up re-moving all the sings, cones, orange barrels and other various things that go with a highway job to another location, in the rain. Yeah.

On a good note, I did re tape our Plexiglas passenger window back into the car while I was waiting in line at the gas pump on the way home.  I haven’t seen lines like that since like ’76 or thereabouts.

Christy: Hang on I need to google detritus.

Dave: Are you telling me there’s a word I know that you don’t know?

Christy: [blush] yeah [peering at google definition] good word usage btw

Dave: I know something else too

Christy: And what would that be?

Dave: The sound in the air conditioner is because there was a leaf in it getting stuck enough to whistle when the strong airflow hits it. You know, detritus.


So, there’s a hurricane coming in case you’ve been living under a rock, it pretty much sucks big time because it’s big and taking it’s time.  I pray that everyone be graced with good luck, a bit of divine protection, and that we all pull through with what really matters… our friends and family.

It’s times like this I’m actually glad we have a Geo because the last 17 bucks we have in the bank account after bills and groceries is enough to fill the tank if we need to evacuate. [sigh]

Be safe folks and send a prayers, positive energy, etc. out to the folks down in the Caribbean they have unfortunately lost loved ones there and this hurricane is really doing a number on them because it’s so slow moving.

Just be safe everyone and evacuate if/when you’re told to.