I saw a video today of my Aunt Clara’s little girl…who isn’t so little anymore; she was marrying her best friend. Speaking as someone who got it right the second time and thus has also married her best friend I can say that there is no finer thing to do.

I am so happy for them, even though I haven’t seen Darla since she was a tiny little thing;  I am so happy for her and her new husband and rejoice that someone else has embarked on a marriage based on not just love and infatuation but rather a marriage that has the bedrock of friendship upon which to build. Don’t get me wrong, love is important as is attraction but there are some days that you just need a friend and if your partner in life is not fulfilling that roll and in turn you fulfilling that roll for them then you do not have a solid foundation.

Dave and I have had many ups and downs in our lives some of which were self inflicted and some that were because we were just plain stupid but we eventually found one another and built a crazy weird kinda thing filled with shared ups and downs and a whole lot of odd stuff to boot, it’s always interesting at the very least lemme tell ya!

And so to Darla and Tim I say congratulations and may you live in not so much craziness as Dave and I do, lol.