So some genius decided that they were going to make a facebook page with my name and all my stuff today while I was taking a well deserved nap.

My question is, “Who the hell would want to be me?” I am probably the only person tough enough to be me. Seriously, think about the crap I’ve been through in my life. It’s not that my life is bad, it’s just that I’ve been through some bad s**t in my life, you know?

For my small amount of fame I paid a heavy price. I mean, I spent years away from my family, I lost everything I owned, and for what? A wiki page?  Yeah, I’ve done interviews in magazines, and for a show, and got a cameo in a movie…but, really?  I suppose someone has it worse than me, or lives under some misconception that my life is fabulous.

Anyone wanting to be me is absolutely absurd, and I think that’s about all I can say about that.

My wife says though if someone wants to be me and finishes the honey do list, she’ll make them a batch of cookies. And on that note if anyone feels like getting to it,  here is the….

Honey Do List

  • Clear shed of spiders and then clean
  • Disassemble old porch and build new one
  • Rake yard
  • Build Potato box

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