Dave: We’ve been having issues for a little while now with our audio/video sounding robotic and or choppy when watching videos, playing games, just about anything on the computer.

Christy: To be honest it was making me nuts and I knew it had something to do with Windows 10 and most likely old drivers or something.

Dave: How many times have you tried updating the drivers now?

Christy: I updated the drivers for the Lenovo audio like 3 times, I seriously updated everything I could that might be related, I went so far as to try the the buffering trick for Chrome but that just made it have no sound.

Dave: And reloading the page only made it sound half as robotic,  it was pretty annoying.

Christy: Today though, I have triumphed!

Dave: [facepalm] You’ve been playing video games again haven’t you?

Christy: [grin] Admit it, we’re old and will take what we can get when it comes to giving a foe (in this case the audio system on the computer) a good smackdown, lol.

Dave: [sigh] Yeah, it’s kinda why I play World of Tanks.  So my gaming is going to sound better now?

Christy: Yeppers! And if any of you out there are also experiencing this issue try changing your speaker settings.

Dave: Seriously? It was just a stupid setting?

Christy: Nine frickin clicks and it was fixed. No idea how the setting got jacked up but it isn’t something I ever mess with so I’m going to blame whatever updated [shrug]

  1. Click on show hidden icons in the shortcut bar(win 10)
  2. Right click on speaker icon
  3. Click on Playback Devices
  4. Click on Speakers
  5. Click on Properties
  6. Click on Advanced tab
  7. From the dropdown menu choose 24 bit, 44100 Hz (Studio Quality)
  8. Click Apply
  9. Click OK

Dave: Brava!

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