So, I had gotten a postcard in the mail and I actually read it because it was talking about one of the local Goodwill Thrift Stores I used to go to on the other side of town (when I lived over there years ago) was moving and becoming a thrift pound store. If you’ve never been to one don’t feel bad I hadn’t either, lol. I was up for a bit of adventure and hadn’t been out alone shy of grocery shopping, getting gas for the car, or hitting the craft store for some canvases in months….so away I went.

Now I have to say I didn’t end up going to the store on the postcard first because much to my delight I ran across a very large thrift store in the same parking lot; I mean seriously what are the odds of finding two just steps from one another?

I have to say that it was so neat and tidy when I went in that I knew that I was in for a treat! No seriously, I took photos, lol. Look, this place is huge! (Yes, I asked for permission to photograph before snapping the photos)

Teen Challenge Super Thrift, Orange Park, Florida
That cart in the front is mine 🙂
Tidy purses and 4 nice changing rooms including a Handicap Accessible one.
Tidy purses and 4 nice changing rooms including a Handicap Accessible one.

This store was called Teen Challenge Super Thrift and for a mere hair over $20 I walked out with 2 sweaters for next winter that are wool like Dave likes for layering at work, a fancy yarn sweater for me that is evening chill appropriate, a skirt that is just darling and a matching top to go with it (and let me tell my other busty and voluptuous friends there was a very good selection for those of us who never cared to lose the baby weight, tons of stuff for many sizes!) another shirt, and a cooler which we desperately needed because ours gave out last summer, and a grinder. Holy cow it was great, the prices were good, and the customer service was excellent.

Those of you who know me know that I am a stickler for good Customer Service having been in customer care in one capacity or another over the years, I’d go so far as to say if everyone took a few pages from the CS handbook the world would have fewer problems.  Anyway, I’ve got the scoop for you here.


The Super Thrift I went to yesterday is at 868 Blanding in Orange Park (drumroll) AND I got the scoop on the discount days! [bowing] Yes, I am awesome and you may get me a cappuccino to say thank you 

  • Monday- 50% off clothes
  • Tuesday- Senior 55+ 25% off
  • Wednesday- Color Tag Sale 25-75% off
  • Thursday- Student (HS or College ID required) 25% off
  • Friday and Saturday- Furniture 25% off

So did I give up on my old go to? Yeah, I did because they changed management, weren’t tidy, and changed their sales to just a small section. Not that I won’t still go there if I’m hunting something in particular because I love thrifting being the thrifty person that I am, however I am more than ok with the drive to the new place based on prices, cleanliness, and the nice folks running it.

On an endnote, yes I did go to that pound store too and it was interesting rummaging through the bins and I even found some stuff, but comparatively I got better deals at the first store especially on the cooler and the kitchen grinder because it wasn’t by the lb.

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