Dave, oh how I love him even if he’s attempting to avoid the ‘honey do list’, lol.  Today’s effort of avoidance was slightly successful for about the 5 minutes.  Oh yes David Scott Ghantt that medicine cabinet will be hung today [evil laugh]


Christy: Oh and now my lovely cabinet is up!

I’d show you the cabinet on the wall but my tablet has a dead battery so here’s just a pic of what was put up as a placeholder 😀

Dave: Life Lesson for the day? Don’t think you’re wife will forget what you have been putting off even with this and the other 3 distractions you attempted 

Christy: Why’s he home from work though you wonder?

Dave: Well, they moved me to the night shift starting today.

Christy: No more sunburn or roasting in the 100℉ or more Jacksonville weather!

Dave: There is that, it’ll be nice for a change. Still want to move somewhere cooler though.

Christy: I’m with you I’m over the weather here to be honest.

Dave: Florida Seasons- Hot, Cold, Hurricane, Tourist

Christy: [laughing] Isn’t there something else on the list you promised you’d help with today?

Dave: Drat.

Christy: [batting eyelashes]

Dave: Now who’s trying to distract whom?


Update 8:25PM

Christy: I find that I need to update the blog post for today and change the category from Miscellaneous Ramblings to One of Those Days, lol.

So far I have managed to:

  1. Break a glass filled with soda when trying to crack my back (do you really wanna know? [grin] it involved a desk chair, a slippery shirt, and some wild flailing that resembled someone trout fishing that ended with me on the ground and broken glass all over the place.
  2. Soak my outfit courtesy of a new hole in the garden hose after painting a wall and going out to clean the supplies off.
  3. Spill chocolate sauce all over the clean outfit I’d put on after the hose incident when the chocolate decided to spill over the side of the little bowl I’d gotten because it tilted while I was slapping at my ankle where a mosquito had managed to attack me indoors…..

Yeah, I might as well just brush my teeth and go to bed now and save myself from any other weird stuff, lol.

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