We couldn’t even sit and write this post yesterday because it was still Monday and lemme tell ya Monday was one of those days all. day. long and for just about everyone in the house.

I was trying to get a painting tutorial done of course and you know, the card in the camera filled and cut me off.  Ok, no problem I emptied it.

So I’m back to painting again and about 30 minutes later the battery lost the last of it’s charge.  Ok, no problem I had one charging so I swapped it out.

So, I’m back to painting again and I’m darn near at the end of the turorial and lo and behold…someone used the bathroom next to my office (not naming names, lol) my camera of course picked up every sound echoing through the wall and seeing as I couldn’t just go back and repaint the steps because the part was done my second go at this painting was unusable.

So, I’m back to painting again the 3rd incarnation of the acrylic version of the Live Oaks of St. Augustine and lo and behold the paint decided to start lifting when I was adding the next layer because I started before the under-layer was dry because at this point I was just trying to get the blasted thing filmed and over with.  I had to re-cover the entire canvas with the first color :-/

So I’m back to painting YET AGAIN, and the remote access for the camera (via the tablet) cut off and I finally used some highly colorful words at this point only to discover once I got them connected again that the camera had just kept on filming and I might have potentially taught people a few new swear words if I dare try to use that video… So now I can’t use that work either and I have to start over from scratch today.

It was like that all day at the house, just one thing after another.

  • Nancy managed to cut herself while cutting a lemon.
  • The phone kept ringing
  • I had company (though nice to see them it still stopped my work)
  • The dog had gas and kept walking past people and spreading his flatulance.
  • I had hot flashes all day
  • I dropped a blob of paint on the canvas instead of the palette
  • And so on

And then Dave came home from work and we heard about his day.  It was also a bit gnarly with wonky paperwork, being sick, and of course …

Dave: So, today I was under the influence of DayQuil and held the stop-and-go sign instead of being on the machine because you know … safety. So, one of the other guys was driving the machine today and went to pull up a tree on the side of A1A and unfortunately for everybody, the trees roots had wrapped themselves around a pipe hidden underground. Whops!

Oh, there was a bit more but I’m over it and he’s over it and today is Tuesday which is trash day in our neighborhood and we’ve elected to metaphorically let all the crap from yesterday just go to the curb because we will only accept today being normal and good and we’re thinking good vibes things …even if Dave did forget his lunch and I somehow for the first time in a couple years didn’t wake up til 8:15.

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