Pop Goes The biscuits

So, I am sitting here minding my own business when I hear a thump and then something fall onto the kitchen floor. I snagged my glasses and took a peer across the room and saw a can; walking over to said can I picked it up and discovered that it was a can of biscuits. 🤔 Wondering why there was a can of biscuits that belong in the refrigerator on the floor, lol, I remembered that Bellatrix had been assisting in putting away groceries last time and lo and behold when I opened the cabinet I saw this. She had obviously put both cans of the refrigerator biscuits in the cabinet instead of the refrigerator. Of course with having the AC off due to nicer weather it is a bit warmer in the house this morning and so the can of biscuits did what any can of biscuits that is left in the warmth does, and as they did so they managed to knock everything over under the cabinet when the expansion of the dough finally made the can pop. How was your day so far?

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