Dave: It started out like any other day.

Christy: Oh?  The cat was on you as soon as the alarm went off demanding food?

Dave: Yeah, pretty much.

Christy: [snickering]

Dave: So I got up, went to work and took my morning photo of the day .


Christy: I actually have a plan for all those photos you’ve been taking but it’s not the top of my to do list.

Dave: I’m intrigued but I’m well aware of what your lists are like since there are about 3 of them floating around on the desk in disarray.

Christy: Yeah yeah, I really need to get one of my sister’s KitLife.netplanners, I know…still not sure how she and I are related when I’m a huge hot mess when it comes to getting anything done that doesn’t need to be done in a crunch in which case I go into laser focus and miracles happen[shaking head]

Dave: Anyway, so it was a normal work day as it goes on a Friday and I came home to my lovely wife and daughter who had made me a fresh pot of coffee and some delightful caramel apple birthday cupcakes, which I only got one of.


Christy: Bellatrix had a blast making those, I love that baking in that Nuwave is so safe and easy for her, I should have gotten one years ago 

Dave: It is crazy fast and easy to use that thing and it’s more cost efficient than using the oven or stove but still, it’s like, an easy bake oven on steroids and I would would say sans a light bulb I I know it’s got that infrared going on.

Christy: Yep, but as it was Dave’s birthday we decided since Dad has slipped him a couple bucks via my paypal ( Thanks Dad!!) to get something for himself or go to dinner, that we would haul ourselves out to a rare treat…eating out.

Dave: We went to Steak and Shake, and yes that was my choice. Naturally they got my meal perfect and as usual they messed up Christy’s.  Slow, cold, missing chili, wrong milkshake, etc.  In fact I still can’t even understand how they confused strawberry with Banana I just don’t know…must have been the B.  Of course this lead to the unhappy wife.

Christy: I did try to hold it together though.

Dave: Yeah, but it seems that every time we go out to eat especially on a special occasion…you know I just don’t know [scratching head] how does your meal always end up lost, cold, wrong, or generally messed up?  What food God did you irk?  The restaurant gods are angry and that’s why your fries are cold. [nodding]

Christy: [sigh] Yeah. At least I wasn’t facing what you were though, ROFL!

Dave: Plumbers crack.  Like yeah.  I didn’t think that a behind could run from the center of someones back to their knees, literally had no idea.  What has been seen cannot be unseen.

Christy: Yes, that was the same woman who tried to run me over in the parking lot.

Dave: Methinks she might have been offended when you told our child to only eat until she was full since she had that huge shake with dinner and could always take home the leftovers …right after that chick was seriously yelling at her 3 husky very loud boys to eat all their meal.  They did too, the littlest one was licking his hands to get all the ketchup.

Christy: They were a bit crass to put it politely.

Dave: I can think of some other words that aren’t so nice.

Christy: So can I but it’s not their fault seeing as all three of the kids appeared to be 8 and under and were hyped up on sugar.

Dave: All I know is that I should not have been mooned at the Steak and Shake.  Ladies make sure when you sit down that you’ve got your britches pulled all the way up… it was down right unseemly in such a family environment, I may need therapy or an eye doctor because y’all that was just wrong.

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