Dave: We’ve decided to start another category Christy: We’re  calling it “Kid Bits”

Dave: Because our youngest tosses out some interesting observations and zingers sometimes, lol.

Here’s the most recent…

Christy: So Bella is reading The Number Devil (great book btw)

and she sees an illustration of a whole line of numbers and is like, “Wow, look at that long number” and I was like, “Yeah you could start counting now and not stop til the day you die and you still wouldn’t be done counting because numbers go on forever”

She was pretty impressed of course and threw out some of the higher numbers she’s heard and asked if it was more than that which I confirmed. So she nods and goes back to reading. A couple minutes later I heard…. ‘You know Mom, dying happens when you relax too hard’

Dave: [facepalm]

Christy: I really don’t know where she comes up with this stuff

Dave: [shaking head and laughing] But she might be right

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