Yeah, I’m a man of few words this week because it’s just beat me down

  • Monday-My missing cell phone which I’m sure you’ve already read about from the wife.  Hours, I’m telling you, hours and HOURS I spent looking for what has actually become a lifeline at work since there are no walkie talkies provided for operators to contact one another without driving to the very back or front of the worksite.  My foreman was even trying to help me find the darn thing.  And then ironically enough in the safety meeting the next day we all received little stickers that said “no cell phones” on heavy equipment.  Well, how the heck do you think we contact one another with vital information without wasting gas to drive to the other end of a site to converse?
  • Tuesday-Had to borrow the wifes candle lighter to take to work because I couldn’t find mine. Lost it.  Wife not happy.
  • Wednesday-Lost wallet at home…
  • Thursday- and woke wife up freaking out because I couldn’t find it…she was not happy and shoved me out the door anyway since I couldn’t call the boss to tell him I might be late…because the cell phone is missing too. Found wallet on my bulldozer seat
  • Friday – TGIF!!!! Coworker found missing candle lighter (whew!)

I think I need a vacation but with my luck I’ll lose my luggage.

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