What ever happened to Arbor Day? I haven’t heard hide nor hair of it in years which is really strange to me considering that nowadays everyone is supposedly all about trees and nature and global warming and such.  According to the Arbor Day Foundation we can “green up our communities, replant forests across the country, save the rainforest and make an impact on our planet.”

But I haven’t heard a bit about it in years. Why?

When I was younger it was a big thing in school because everyone would start a seedling in a cup and then on Arbor Day everyone would go plant it. Our teachers considered it a part of our civic duties to plant trees. It was a part of our Science Classes because the teacher considered that since we need oxygen to breathe we should do something to actually facilitate that occurrence. It was about giving back with just a few moments of our own time to the world at large and becoming a bit more connected to the good of all.

Everyone is so concerned about global warming nowadays but honestly you cannot depend on any governments to take care of that issue… you need to do your part. Everyone could do their part.

When I”m at a new work site, the first thing that anyone does is clear the lot of trees and turn it into mulch and anything that can be turned into lumber gets hauled off. None of the resources go to waste but they do go away and are not replaced to their previous ammounts. When my company is done with a lot there is usually a retention pond left which is great for the Eagles that live there. In fact we had to stop for a month and a half at one site because of Eagle breeding season. If we see an Eagle on site then we’re not allowed in that area and leave those trees alone because, hey, it’s eagles, lol.

The good thing about my company is that when we are done with the retention pond there is a plan to resod and replant somne trees where we can. I have to say I like that part of the job. There is something special about planting a tree. My teacher way back in the day said that “it was an investment in our future”… and that has alway stuck with me.

To find out more about Arbor Day (and you should be starting your seedling right now to be able to plant on that day) check out

Heck feel free to combine this with Talk Like A Pirate Day… in which case I must ask

Arrrrrr- you going to plant a tree on Arrrrrr bor day? (April 29th this year since it’s always the last Friday in April)

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