What do you do when a friend passes away? It sucks. You have to go and say, “Goodbye” or “Hey, we’ll see you later.” Which is what we did Saturday.

I have been a super hot mess of distracted the past few weeks because Geoff had to leave his earthly shell, I know that his soul that very essence of who he is – is fine because he was a good, honest and loving man in life, but I tear up every single time I think about how going home after a stint in the hospital became a frickin tragedy.

My heart is so very heavy when I think about him being gone because he was an absolute peach, like you have no idea, he was really really nice … and I downright weep for Sandy because she hurts so much; she will not have her husband for the hugs they shared and planned on sharing for years, the laughter, the music that he made and all of those moments of chatter and discussion they had, the morning cups of coffee, the everything .  They had a beautiful life together, sure with ups and downs like everyone else but beautiful and loving and with two wonderful girls that just made their life all the more bright.

Geoff was a person with a zest for life, there was always a quip on his lips to make people laugh, there was a diligence to him that everyone respected, he would do anything for his family including selling plasma if need be.  He would work all week and drive all the way from Ocala (where they had finally settled) to come to Jacksonville to pick Dee up to spend the weekend with Courtney since our girls have been BFF’s forever and our car wasn’t the greatest which it proved yet again yesterday morning when we tried to start it at their house to come home and it flooded.  I could almost hear him standing there laughing at our stupid car and the irony of it doing what it does at the worst possible time.

Geoff was a protector, a friend to just about everyone because I honestly don’t think he’d ever met a stranger,and a fabulous fabulous father.  He glowed with pride when Megan, Courtney, and Dee graduated, he was a source of encouragement for anyone who needed it, he would give you the shirt off his back, and was an all around damn fine man the likes of which you don’t find many of nowadays.

I just don’t know what else to say, my eyes keep leaking man, we’re all going to miss you.

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