11:25 AM

Ugh, I mean seriously [sigh] I finally get new ink for the epson to print a photo and I can’t do it because even though there is new ink the head is clogged or something.  Now mind you I also have a sweet laser printer but of course it does not print photo quality stuff and it needs new color toners anyway to the tune of $40 for generics.  My little epson though was $8 for ink with free shipping.

I just want to print something ya? WHY??? Why can’t stuff just do what the heck it is supposed to do? Frog darn it, poo, ka, ugh.

Naughty print head…guess what piece of office equipment is not on the card list? Well, its not on it because it currently cant even print the cards! :-/

So it turns out that Epson printers have a built-in permanent printhead which allows them to go high on quality or something.  Unfortunately if you’re like ME and let the ink run out in a color or something completely before replacing it even though I do make sure to keep the machine off when not in use, then you’ve essentially just mucked the whole thing up.

Of course!

So now I’ve got the windex soaked paper towel under the head for 15 minutes and I’m hoping that helps, the black ink is already doing it’s thing again and I got some yellow stain on my fingers from putting the towel under the head too so I’m hopeful.

I don’t know why Monday type things keep happening on Fridays, but there ya go, lol.

So, to clean the printhead on your epson xp-410 take a stroll over to Ink Magic and check out their how to page. 

1:00 PM

^&%($#*(@*(&!!! Thing still won’t work

Broke out the ancient 1280 to see if I could get it up and running again after years in the closet

Guess what’s printing a frickin picture right now? That’s right, the blasted Epson 1280 that we haven’t used in years after putting on an continuous ink system because it kept eating paper. To be fair it’s still eating paper but if I’m quick like one of those street magicians I can make sure the paper goes where it’s supposed to…the dothingie that goes back and forth has already whacked me more than I care to admit but if nobody saw that bit, did it really happen?

The good news is that it’s printing, it’s not perfect but at least I can have a color example to go by for the paintings if I really really like the color aqua which is the color everything is coming out as in the pink, white, and grey winter picture I snagged to test the printer with. At least the blasted thing is actually attempting something eh?

I’m done, it’s time for lunch.

How was your morning? 😀

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