I had the strangest dream last night after finally falling asleep after laying there for hours after working on a project at one of my sites.

I dreamt that Donald Trump was going to buy an old building that needed fixing up so that I could start a small t shirt printing business in the basement of the building and continue renting out the rest of the building (that still had people living there even though it was in shoddy shape after the owner passed) and then I would be able to fix it up for the people whose walls were like literally crumbling.

There was an old and I mean old old fashioned gym at the top of the building that I was going to leave the equipment in for the retro feel but throughout the grounds there were going to be sustainable garden spots to help grow food for a restaurant in the building and the leftover food (if one didn’t accidently run it over like my husband did playing with his newly restored car) would go to the people of the building that needed it.

The building itself was reminiscent of a photo I saw on Facebook yesterday by Dmitry Arkhipov

Stone Island by Dmitry Arkhipov http://bit.ly/1ItrfZF

which you can see even better at his site at  http://dmitryarkhipov.com/p/spage/photo/oid/32501971.

The building in my dream was kinda like the island in the middle of the stream, it was teaming with life and even though eroded at the bottom from time and water it wasn’t going to go down without a fight. An industrious person would make sure it didn’t despite everything going on around it.
Now there was one of those walkthroughs going on for potential buyers I went through the building and he wanted to buy it because it was tht right thing to do but there was some guy against him so he decided to help us purchase it. With a bit of wile and cunning we would have (in his mind, and hey he’s the business guy who would know, lol) the perfect portfolio in our names that made it look like we would be some chumps to the seller but in reality he’d been wanting to get that other company that he was putting in our portfolio that everyone else thought was going to go bust anyway even though he had a great plan for it.

Oh and there was a werewolf living in the building but I drew the line at having ghosts and the were was a nice fellow that didn’t bother anyone unless he was bothered first. And the nice couple I met had a daughter who seemed to be like a combo of an escape artist and a climber with no fear because I saw her in on the stairs all the time when we originally toured it and the family were part and parcel with the building with the father being the maintenance guy doing the best he could with what he had and the mom running the reception or whatever downstairs.

I’m pretty sure we got the building before I got woke up by Dave crawling into bed this morning after his shift but I can’t be sure because as soon as he moved the covers I got cold no matter how warm he was.

Maybe I didn’t need the fan on last night? And maybe I shouldn’t have a glass of wine when trying to work on shirt projects? Because I’m pretty sure in the dream I had also gone to a ‘wedding mall’ no, I’m serious, lol.  It was a huge place where people could rent out rooms for weddings and receptions but the other part of it was filled with shops and all I really wanted to do was get my tee idea printed for as little as possible because the online place I’d been trying to use kept getting a frozen screen while I was working with their tools and I was just fed up. My friend Susie was there with her fab partner for some reason.

Oddly, Donald was in the mall too having a look see at what was going on and someone gave Bella some cake from one of the weddings [scratching head] yeah, maybe I shouldn’t have had a doughnut stick with that glass of wine…

I really want to go back to sleep now because I am still half asleep but once I’ve been woken that’s the end of the story. [sigh] coffee time.

So, I think the question I should have asked myself when I woke up was the dream a lead on to “One of Those Days” ?

Hmmm, lets see:

  • Insomnia 
  • Weird Dream 
  • Woke Early 
  • Woke Freezing (in the middle of summer and … [putting hand on forehead] nope no fever 

Hmm, hang on there is someone at the door?

Okay, yes, it seems like it is going to be one of those days after all. That was Danny letting me know that he and his father won’t be cutting the lawn til Friday instead of this morning because their lawn mower is on the fritz.  Which means with my luck the landlord will be putting a note on my door today telling me I have 72 hours to cut the lawn [sigh]

I need more coffee

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