Dave (texting from work): Forgot my lunch

Christy: You’ll just have to go get one then . Though fyi,  if you were considering the leftover chili for your lunch it will still be here when you get home if you want it for dinner…

Trust me when I say I won’t be eating chili today

 Dave :  Where is your sense of adventure?

Christy: It was chili that kept me up til midnight last night, it was the antivirus having a compatibility issue with the windows antivirus that I didn’t even know was on the pc that kept me up past 3 and much to my chagrin the chili kept making itself known.

Dave: ?

Christy: As my eyes watered for hours because of flatulence the likes of which I don’t think I’ve ever experienced I managed to triumph over the evil that is noncompatible programming that was making our computer unsafe due to two companies not being on the same page when it came to updates. 

Dave: …

Christy: And I still have gas

Dave: ROFL

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