Murphy  that elusive jerk has once again invaded our life.  It hasn’t been one of those days it’s been one of those week and a half’s [rolling eyes] It started with the drama of getting the information from the local school on what day kiddo needed to be there for local in person state assessment testing and they didn’t tell me until the day before when I once again called them even though I’d called weeks before to find out and they said they’d call me. Of course kiddo was nervous that day about it too because we’d been on pins and needles trying to find out when she was supposed to be there [sigh]

Testing finally completed  this week and thankfully Dave was on nights this week so I could get kiddo to the 2 math test days but of course Wednesday the car decided that it was going to up and just not go when Dave was on the way home from work at like 4 am and he had to wait til our mechanic opened to get a tow to the shop.

Today we got the car back, now mind you this was a free car and we’re thankful for our little 91 Geo because even if it’s old and could really use a new paint job, and a new passenger window, and new struts, and maybe even a run through the carwash it is really good on gas, unless it’s not running, lol.

So after spending nearly the entire paycheck minus enough to get some more gas since they completely drained what we had to replace the fuel pump, a chicken, and a few veg we get the car back.  I went out to the fruit/veg stand and Dee called for a pickup from work so I went to go get her.  The car didn’t want to accelerate but I eventually got going, then some idiot pulls out in front of me and I had to slam on the brakes and that is when the car died the first time.  Thankfully it’s a lightweight car so I just pushed it to the side of the road and attempted to restart it.  After 5 minutes I finally had to call the mechanic and with him on the phone I think the car was scared so it started, lol.  He told me to grab my kid since I was right there and then take it back to the shop.

So I grabbed Dee but I couldn’t go past 3rd gear or it started to slow down and then it died again.  Well we got it restarted again and were puttering down the road and turned onto the main road when it decided to die again.  Thankfully we were near the house but now it was like frickin smoking [grr] I sent Dee home and called Dave.  Coincidently where it stopped was right next to a used car place and the man there had me pop the trunk and took a peek inside and of course there was coolant everywhere, which I would like to point out was not in any way an issue when we’d left it at Budget Auto Repair! Ack!


So, now Murphy and I are hanging waiting for Dave and the lettuce and grapes are wilting in the sun.  Dave shows up and puts coolant in and sends me to walk home, and bless the veg man’s heart he saw us there and saw me walking and gave me a ride home 

So while Murphy was in fact hanging out with us today good samaritans came through and for that I am thankful.

Dave got the car started and back up to the shop but the owner wasn’t there and the mechanic on duty wanted to charge us to look at it even through the owner had sent us there just for that.  Dave said screw that y’all already took my whole paycheck and proceeded to hobble the car home.  So tomorrow it looks like he’s going to be poking around under the hood…I told him he should become a mechanic they seem to make much more money, lol.  Hopefully Murphy won’t be too insulted that I didn’t invite him in for dinner, I think we’ve had enough of his antics for quite awhile thank you very much.

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