Christy: So, if you caught yesterday’s post you already know the car is on the fritz again the very day we got it back from the shop and the mechanic wanted to charge us and we were just plain out of money so Dave was going to put a new water pump gasket…

Dave: So I take the water pump off and lo’ and behold it is cracked.

Christy: Thankfully we were paypaled some cash this morning to tide us over since the entire paycheck was pretty much spent on the mechanic Friday.

Dave: Yep.

Christy: So Dave told me we needed a new water pump.

Dave: Yep. Of course this was after I’d already gone up to get new coolant, some oil, and the seal we needed.

Christy: Yep.

Dave: So we looked up what we needed at the AutoZone website and found where they had the next three parts that we need if I’m ever going to get this car running again.

Christy: So my friend Rachel came to the rescue and drove me up to the store to get the water pump, a serpentine belt, and a timing belt because yeah, the car obviously needed those too.

Dave: If you ever get a chance, beg for some brownies from Rach, they’re very very good.

Christy: Yep

Dave: So, all the new bits are in and I pour in the coolant and of course there is suddenly a leak.  I knew it was going back together too easy.  It should have been a sign.

Christy: Yep

Dave: I really have nothing else to day about today’s catastrophe that can be printed in the blog [nodding sagely]

Christy: Hopefully coming at the issue in the morning when you’re fresh will help.

Dave: Yeah, it needs to be fixed because I work tomorrow night.

Christy: ooooohhhhh

Dave: To be continued….

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