Christy: So yeah, the car is running, I didn’t want to finish the saga of the latest car fiasco until I was sure it was going to ferry us around because I didn’t want to invite Murphy back into the mix by saying everything was fine.

Dave: [snort] He’s there anyway, it’s running rich for some reason.

Christy: Yeah, didn’t this whole mess start with it getting too much gas?

Dave: Of course.

Christy: Also, what do you think that new weird sound I heard when taking Dee to work yesterday morning and turned the wheel hard is?

Dave: Probably about $300.

Christy: Well Dang.

Dave: Yeah, because we have never had a vehicle that didn’t have some kind of issue.

Christy: Maybe we should get a priest to bless it? LOL

Dave: Naw, that might wash the dirt from the worksite off it and I’m pretty sure it’s the dirt that’s holding the car together.

Christy: Good point.

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