So, Dave was at it again today, after wondering why the timing belt was wiggly after having been secure yesterday he realized in an ‘ah ha’ moment that he’d managed to put something on backwards [spock eyebrow]

After a bit of getting everything on today he had me attempt to start the car. It would not start, imagine!

One phone call later that let us know that the 1st spark plug piston needed to be in it’s highest position and the timing wheel thing had a marking on it that also had to be in a precise position, a bit of cussing, and viola, the car started and was taken on a test drive around our little neighborhood.

It’s not so triumphant return to the driveway was to it overheating of all things. However Dave did manage to find a bolt that had come up missing yesterday which was well received.

He’ll be back at it tomorrow, now that he’s done the bit to make sure there weren’t bubbles in the coolant which he suspected to be the issue.

We just keep telling ourselves “It’s paid for and less expensive to fix than purchase another” LOL

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