I am just sitting here shaking my head in wonder because our landlord dropped a line that says;

“Your cashiers check was returned to us.  I didn’t know that could happen.  Said they were unable to locate the account.  If you could check into this I would appreciate it.”


Yeah, my first thought was, well, cashiers checks are guaranteed funds how the heck did that happen?

So I called the bank, and mind you I’ve been giving the landlord cashiers checks from my account for years I mean I have banked with Navy Federal Credit Union since 1994, yes that 22 years, and yes that’s longer than I’ve been a coffee junkie since I didn’t really start drinking so much coffee til after Madeline was born because keeping up with two kids was tiring.

I don’t need this stress I was in a groove of painting and now my muse ran away screaming hysterically and looking to hop a boat to Hawaii for a bit of inspiration and maybe a nice block party.

Well after talking to a super sweet lady named Karen she and I both ended up shaking our heads I think and she basically said,

“…this item was never presented to Navy Federal for payment.  Please advise recipient to inquire with their bank where item was deposited as to why the check was not accepted.  We have no further information because the check was not presented for negotiation. ”

I of course asked if she could send that in an email so that he could take it to his bank with him, which she did.

So basically the ball is back in his court and I went to take him the letter but he wasn’t in the office, because…..Murphysday!

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