So we just got back from talking with the landlord about the not even possible (we thought) situation of a frickin cashiers check (you know those neat checks you get from your bank to pay bills that are absolutely guaranteed) being returned to him.

Now mind you kiddo was on lunch and we’d run up to get her a slush and some nachos as a treat while we were out but of course when we first attempted to swing by the office on the way back the landlord was also out to lunch, because, yeah, food.

So I waited a while and called to make sure he was there first and went on up there…Bella left her lunch sitting on her desk.

Bella (after we got back): Hey Mom, have you seen my nachos?

Me: No?

Bellatrix: Well they’re missing.

We both turn to look at the dog who is sitting there trying to look innocent.

Bellatrix: Gus, do you have something to say?

Me: [giggling]

Gus looks away and back in his version of a shrug.

Bellatrix: Gus, those were Nah Cho nachos.


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