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Christy: Really, I had to finally tell Dave last night after the water pump started leaking immediately after he put it on that he needed to just come in the house and look at it in the morning before he went all crossed eyed. He didn’t say no in part because we were having chicken pasta and also because he was just fed up at that point.

You know, everyone keeps telling us we just need to get a new car.  Like everyone thinks our car is ugly and just has too many issues but honestly a new (to us) engine, a fuel pump, a couple belts, and a new water pump is still cheaper than buying a new car.

Dave: That and we just can’t do a monthly payment at the moment.

Christy: There is that point.

Dave: And I can fill the tank for roughly $13 a week and drive all over Jax to get to wherever our job site is on that tank of gas for usually the whole week.

Christy: Which is saying something since the actual area of Jax is over 800 square miles and to really put it into perspective for people it actually takes about 45 minutes to get to the beach from where we live and that’s using the highways.

Dave: Yeah I’m halfway to the beach on the current job.

Christy: Sheesh, good thing you’re on nights and not stuck in rush hour traffic after work.

Dave: Yep.

Christy: So what’s the issue with the car today?

Dave: Well, the sealant I decided to use takes like 24 hours to set up rather than the usual 30 minutes. So I cleaned off the crud from yesterday, replied and now I can’t do anything until tomorrow.

Christy: You weren’t wearing your reading glasses last night, even after I offered to put them on you :-/

Dave: I didn’t think I needed to to be honest,  I’ve used the stuff before just not that brand so I read what I could which of course were the warnings in the large font size like “do not ingest” which is pretty stupid when you think about it because who in their right mind would ingest something like that.

Christy: [snort] I’m still trying to figure out the do not eat label on some of my makeup, I mean seriously if someone is eating stuff that is obviously not food they aren’t going to care what the label says.

Dave: I always wondered about that, I mean some of the labels they put on stuff is just bizarre and shows that someone was once a moron.

Christy: You’re preaching to the choir, I took the label off the mattress!

Dave: I took the label off my electric razor charger.

Christy: and the pillows

I took the label off the deodorant…to be fair I was bored and there were no books in the bathroom and I couldn’t read the itty bitty writing anyway; it’s like 6 point font, crazy stuff man, crazy.

Dave: I think they make the font on stuff so tiny because they’ve got to put all the warnings…of course if you were actually able to read the ingredients in some of the stuff we use you wouldn’t use it at all which explains how they can get away with using a font so small (that it’s like trying to see a glass splinter in the bottom of your foot) because they can at least say that they listed everything.

Christy: Exactly, doesn’t matter if the average person can’t read it.

Dave: Anyway

To Be Continued……….

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