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So, Dave was at it again today, after wondering why the timing belt was wiggly after having been secure yesterday he realized in an ‘ah ha’ moment that he’d managed to put something on backwards [spock eyebrow]

After a bit of getting everything on today he had me attempt to start the car. It would not start, imagine!

One phone call later that let us know that the 1st spark plug piston needed to be in it’s highest position and the timing wheel thing had a marking on it that also had to be in a precise position, a bit of cussing, and viola, the car started and was taken on a test drive around our little neighborhood.

It’s not so triumphant return to the driveway was to it overheating of all things. However Dave did manage to find a bolt that had come up missing yesterday which was well received.

He’ll be back at it tomorrow, now that he’s done the bit to make sure there weren’t bubbles in the coolant which he suspected to be the issue.

We just keep telling ourselves “It’s paid for and less expensive to fix than purchase another” LOL


Christy: So, if you caught yesterday’s post you already know the car is on the fritz again the very day we got it back from the shop and the mechanic wanted to charge us and we were just plain out of money so Dave was going to put a new water pump gasket…

Dave: So I take the water pump off and lo’ and behold it is cracked.

Christy: Thankfully we were paypaled some cash this morning to tide us over since the entire paycheck was pretty much spent on the mechanic Friday.

Dave: Yep.

Christy: So Dave told me we needed a new water pump.

Dave: Yep. Of course this was after I’d already gone up to get new coolant, some oil, and the seal we needed.

Christy: Yep.

Dave: So we looked up what we needed at the AutoZone website and found where they had the next three parts that we need if I’m ever going to get this car running again.

Christy: So my friend Rachel came to the rescue and drove me up to the store to get the water pump, a serpentine belt, and a timing belt because yeah, the car obviously needed those too.

Dave: If you ever get a chance, beg for some brownies from Rach, they’re very very good.

Christy: Yep

Dave: So, all the new bits are in and I pour in the coolant and of course there is suddenly a leak.  I knew it was going back together too easy.  It should have been a sign.

Christy: Yep

Dave: I really have nothing else to day about today’s catastrophe that can be printed in the blog [nodding sagely]

Christy: Hopefully coming at the issue in the morning when you’re fresh will help.

Dave: Yeah, it needs to be fixed because I work tomorrow night.

Christy: ooooohhhhh

Dave: To be continued….


Murphy  that elusive jerk has once again invaded our life.  It hasn’t been one of those days it’s been one of those week and a half’s [rolling eyes] It started with the drama of getting the information from the local school on what day kiddo needed to be there for local in person state assessment testing and they didn’t tell me until the day before when I once again called them even though I’d called weeks before to find out and they said they’d call me. Of course kiddo was nervous that day about it too because we’d been on pins and needles trying to find out when she was supposed to be there [sigh]

Testing finally completed  this week and thankfully Dave was on nights this week so I could get kiddo to the 2 math test days but of course Wednesday the car decided that it was going to up and just not go when Dave was on the way home from work at like 4 am and he had to wait til our mechanic opened to get a tow to the shop.

Today we got the car back, now mind you this was a free car and we’re thankful for our little 91 Geo because even if it’s old and could really use a new paint job, and a new passenger window, and new struts, and maybe even a run through the carwash it is really good on gas, unless it’s not running, lol.

So after spending nearly the entire paycheck minus enough to get some more gas since they completely drained what we had to replace the fuel pump, a chicken, and a few veg we get the car back.  I went out to the fruit/veg stand and Dee called for a pickup from work so I went to go get her.  The car didn’t want to accelerate but I eventually got going, then some idiot pulls out in front of me and I had to slam on the brakes and that is when the car died the first time.  Thankfully it’s a lightweight car so I just pushed it to the side of the road and attempted to restart it.  After 5 minutes I finally had to call the mechanic and with him on the phone I think the car was scared so it started, lol.  He told me to grab my kid since I was right there and then take it back to the shop.

So I grabbed Dee but I couldn’t go past 3rd gear or it started to slow down and then it died again.  Well we got it restarted again and were puttering down the road and turned onto the main road when it decided to die again.  Thankfully we were near the house but now it was like frickin smoking [grr] I sent Dee home and called Dave.  Coincidently where it stopped was right next to a used car place and the man there had me pop the trunk and took a peek inside and of course there was coolant everywhere, which I would like to point out was not in any way an issue when we’d left it at Budget Auto Repair! Ack!


So, now Murphy and I are hanging waiting for Dave and the lettuce and grapes are wilting in the sun.  Dave shows up and puts coolant in and sends me to walk home, and bless the veg man’s heart he saw us there and saw me walking and gave me a ride home 

So while Murphy was in fact hanging out with us today good samaritans came through and for that I am thankful.

Dave got the car started and back up to the shop but the owner wasn’t there and the mechanic on duty wanted to charge us to look at it even through the owner had sent us there just for that.  Dave said screw that y’all already took my whole paycheck and proceeded to hobble the car home.  So tomorrow it looks like he’s going to be poking around under the hood…I told him he should become a mechanic they seem to make much more money, lol.  Hopefully Murphy won’t be too insulted that I didn’t invite him in for dinner, I think we’ve had enough of his antics for quite awhile thank you very much.


I just saw on the newsfeed that one of my favorite actors has passed away. All I could do was sit here and keep saying ‘no, no, no’ even though I know that we must eventually all pass to our next great adventure. The thing is that Alan Rickman has been a favorite of mine for years, I was hooked on his skill when he played Hans in Die Hard and I’ve enjoyed many of the movies he was in including Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves, and the HP movies of course, but I think my very favorite part he played was Alexander Dane in Galaxy Quest because it looked like such a fun part in a goofy movie and everyone should have a chance to be silly every once in awhile. My condolences to the Rickman family, and many thanks to Alan for making the world a bit more entertaining. You will be missed


Ok, so you’re like, how cold can it be because Dave and Christy live in Florida right? Well it’s cold enough that Dave has slippers on because it’s wet and dreary outside, which actually kinda fits with our mood today since Nancy’s visit is over and she needs to get back to North Carolina to have her back surgery 

We’ve been putzing around this morning, Dave with his chest cold, Nancy packing up the car, Bella scootering around the house on her Yflicker, and I staring at the tree I need to take down and put back in the shed so I can have my craft desk back. Then I need to set up kiddos computer for her to do her classwork come tomorrow morning, I can’t believe it’s already the end of Winter Vacation.

I can honestly say though that today has been weird, perhaps even wyrd because we’re overdue for something strange, and anyone who knows us knows that weird sh** happens to us all the time, it’s like we’re a magnet for the off the wall, but I’ll get to that in a bit.

It was a good December for us starting with Aunt Nancy finally arriving after her car broke down like 3 times on the way down and her having to overnight at a hotel before finally making it here; Bella was so antsy and kept looking out the door every few minutes asking where she was, lol.

There was candy making for the hols in the way of homemade turtle candies with pecan halves rather than chopped bits, peanut butter balls made with PB/graham crackers/and peanuts dipped in chocolate, and yummy chocolate lollies that Bella and her friend did up with different colored chocolates in holiday molds.

We had a trip to Papa’s for Christmas and we got a chance to see everyone but Jon and Rach who were visiting up North but did leave a nifty robotic arm kit for Bella to put together (pssst Jon, Dave says he wants to have words with you over the directions and the screws being so tiny he was having an issue seeing them even with his glasses on, lol)

There was fabulous food of course courtesy of Team Warren in the kitchen (basically Dad pulling stuff out and putting stuff in to cook, Mom chopping and fussing at him, and grandkids everywhere asking for chocolate milk and juice) there was wine and laughter, and giggles, great fellowship and the loving embrace of friends and family who have no expectations of anyone beyond being the lovely people that they are gathering and catching up on life.  And that right there is the Spirit of the holiday season.

Also at this time is the celebration of the Oak King overcoming the Holly King as the days will once again be lighter longer until the wheel turns again at the summer solstice, which is super handy to know if you do any kind of gardening, lol.  Note to self: get new almanac for this year and more fertilizer to put in the garden now so it will be ready for planting in a couple months.

I’m a pretty lucky person that I am a member of the Warren family, a nicer bunch of people you’ll never meet and not a single one gives one whit if you live in a trailer or a McMansion, if you’ve got tattoos or glitzy earrings, or what you do for a living.  Some are conservative (oddly enough those of us which earn less, lol) and some are liberal, some are retired and some work full time, some of the ladies stay home with the kids and some work full time. Nobody is out to brag about anything but all joyfully cheer each other on in any accomplishments, it’s a jolly mish mosh that has sustained me even through the darkest hours of my life and I am forever thankful for the loving support of my family through good times and bad. One phone call and an “I love you” is worth more than anything else in the world no matter what is going on. {{{hugs}}}

I didn’t do a lot for the hols in the way of gifts because we’re on the low end of the scale currently with Dave’s work hours being wonky over the past few months, but I did make some great sewn slippers for Liz and Rach, homemade bread and candy for Uncle Bo,  and  Jon and Sean got those neat engravers as seen on tv. The parental units were a bit more difficult since they’ve got everything they actually need and are a bit hard to shop for so I went with food in the way of fresh pomegranates, turnip greens (expertly cooked by Nancy) dripped with balsamic vinegar, rambutan fruits, fresh avocados, and real white sweet potatoes (courtesy of the ever awesome Diaz Fresh Produce that sets up over by the Yard Depot up the road from me, just wish they’d had those fab purple potatoes last time I went there too) and of course I took along a ham I snagged at 99¢ a lb  We did not go hungry let me tell you.

Hmm, this is turning out to be more of a newsletter than a post, lol, suppose I’ll just continue on in the vein since I seem to be on a roll.

This next year we are hoping once again to move a bit further up north. We want to start our own mushroom and herb farm and would like to have a home that is all ours and maybe some chickens for pest control which if we do it right would also give us fresh organic eggs. If you’ve never had an egg that didn’t come from the grocery store I feel really really bad for you because the fresh from the farm ones from chickens that eat everything they can get their beaks on are just scrumptious. We of course also want to do some wild mushroom hunting for morels once they’re in season because, yeah, morels! And maybe some photography on nice days and painting in the winter to keep me busy.  Dave’s got it in his head he needs a man cave/ work shed if I’m going to have an art studio to stretch out and I’m all for it especially if I get to play with the tools too. My only stipulation on our would be home and farm is that we have some kind of hill in our yard so Bella and I can go sledding.  I really miss sledding, it was like my favorite part of being a kid, even more than getting to live in Hawaii and boogie boarding in the middle of everyone else’s chilly winter.

Of course to do this we actually need the funds to move and jobs to hold until we can get ourselves set up and productive which could take a couple years depending on what we can plant our first year. I’m all for what would be a set it and forget it crop like parisian carrots (check out this great HONEY BAKED PARISIAN CARROTS WITH ORANGE + THYME recipe) to get us started while our first batch of mushroom logs get inoculated and hang out for a year and we get our hydroponic herb towers up and growing, wow fresh herbs for all my meals is going to be fabulous!  But of course, we still need the funds to get up and go which means I need to get off my rear and get my books finished, which I will now be able to do in the mornings when I’m most productive since Bella got her own desktop for Christmas to do her online schooling on.  She doesn’t really need me as a learning coach when she’s in the middle of an online class with a teacher so I can do my thing during that time frame and hopefully get done by June.

Wow it’s taking me all day to write this, I started this morning right after our weirdness for the day occurred just as Nancy was walking out the door to drive back to Gastonia.  Dave’s cell phone rang and so he picked it up, listened for a second, looked at it as if someone had lost their mind and said with a grin “ham and bacon to you too brother” and hung up [laughsnort] my husband thinks he’s a comedian or something and had bacon on the brain this morning like I did obviously. Well, the phone rang again and he was like looking at the caller id and says, “it’s from Afghanistan?” So we picked up the phone again and there’s some dude jabbering in a foreign language and I’m like, jeez, wrong number much? Well, the person rang a couple more times and he’d already been told wrong number in obvious English so Dave just dismissed the call but whoever it was left a message.  Frickin weird let me tell you, we don’t know anyone over there and Dave is the only one of us who had ever been anywhere that far from home because he was once in the Army and did his time in during shield/storm years ago you know? So he called the authorities and let them know he’d gotten the call, which is actually kinda funny that he deliberately called the FBI over the call, but hey, honestly it was weird enough to pass along you know? I mean what would you do? No idea what it was all about but better safe than sorry [shrug]

So that done, and Nancy down the road stuck in a traffic jam less than 10 miles from the house because our weirdness is contagious obviously;  we get a call from Nancy that she’d forgotten her electric razor on my desk where she’d been packing stuff up to go, in my mind though she should be fine because it’s not like the doc is going to be checking out any would be leg hair when he’s fixing her back. 

And the day moves on, and there are kids piled in Bella’s room playing Minecraft, and thank goodness her friends like it because we’re happier playing the lego games with her since there is a story and not just building stuff.

So at the moment it’s 5:30 and I suppose I’m going to wrap this up with the last weird thing for the day (thus far, and I say thus far because you never know, rofl).  Dee went to get the mail because she’s waiting for a birthday prezzie (just turned 19 yesterday!) and our lock has been funny lately so I told her to wiggle the key while showing her an up down wiggle motion in the air before she went out .  She of course wiggled it side to side instead and so now the key is bent of all things and of course my ebay feed is showing me that the mat cutter for my watercolor mats is in that box and I can’t get to it because the key is now crooked.

Oh, and Nancy just sent a message, she’s stuck in more traffic but this time 30 miles south of I26.  And just so you know, it’s still cold here, like the heat just kicked on and I wish I could find my other slipper [sigh] one of those days I reckon.


Yeah, it’s one of those days, the weird stuff is just starting too I’m sure since today is the day we’re finally putting up “The Tree”

To be fair “The Tree” isn’t awful, it’s small and lopsided as is every tree I’ve ever put up and no amount of adjusting the fake branches ever helps but it’s cute and we like it.  Currently “The Tree” (and I put it in parentheses because it’s, ya know, THE TREE and because I was having a haha moment and thought what the heck, why not)

Of course the day started out like any other for any other person anywhere in the world, I woke up and used the facilities (see! we the citizens of the world do have some things in common eh? We all pee) and then I went on my merry way to make coffee and check on the cooler that Dave offered to loan to Rach today so that she could have cool drinks at the flea market.

Dude, my darling husband’s idea of an acceptable cooler and anyone who isn’t a seasoned fisherman looking to just have something to hold stuff version of acceptable is vastly different let me tell you.  It still had his ice water bottles in it from the last time he used it and a cracked side [rolling eyes]

So then I was off to get bread, which I managed to do in record time and even scored a loaf of pumpernickel which of course is a favorite here.

Then I came home to see what I had left in the account after paying electric and internet (which I kinda have to have considering our kiddo goes to school online eh?) and of course after I splurged $40 on groceries, which is when I discovered that a service that I have was getting ready to renew and I just don’t have the funds for it right now so I wanted to cancel my monthly fee of $6.95 but of course could not for the life of me remember my login information [facepalm] you know, I understand having different log in information for different sites I truly do know that from a security standpoint that it is a good idea but I know that I’m not the only one that ends up forgetting them and now understand why my mom always carries a little notebook of important info in her purse, lol.  Not that that I would ever start carrying a purse because that just leads to kids and hubby asking me to carry stuff but I understand the reasoning now.

So how is it one of those days? Well, immediately after getting the site situation straightened out (20 minute wait for a pop up chat mind you) I walked past the fan and something flew into my eye.

It burned! WTH, was my first thought as I dashed through the house to my bathroom so that I could flush my burning eyeball.  So there I am flushing and flushing and flushing my eye and looking occasionally into the mirror to see if I could locate what flew in and I just kept seeing this dang red spot right near the iris and it was completely freaking me out even though my eye had stopped burning from whatever had flown into it and was now just burning from the tap water that I used. So I switched to the little mirror over by the window for a more light saturated look-see as it hadn’t even occurred to me to turn on the bathroom light because …ya! it burned! And there was nothing there. Hmmm, so I looked back into the other mirror and it was back!  So I looked into the medicine cabinet mirror again and there was nothing there, so I looked into the mirror over the sink again and it was back! So I gave the medicine cabinet mirror the stink eye and that was when I noticed my red bra sitting on the counter because I was a lazy ass last night and didn’t put it where it belonged (don’t judge me, it’s the hols and every chick should have red unders to match what they’re wearing) Anyway, the light from the window was just enough to reflect the over the shoulder boulder holder that was on the counter onto the medicine cabinet mirror to (of course) my wet eyeball while I was looking in the mirror over the sink [facepalm] only me.

Still haven’t figured out what got in my eye but it’s done now and I don’t trust my sneaky medicine cabinet mirror anymore.

Can’t wait to see what fight the tree puts up later, should be interesting as I left it out on the porch last night uncovered to scare any spiders from the shed out of it’s packaging


Dave: So, let me tell you about my weird little day…

I’m back on days as of Monday (thankfully) seeing as I wasn’t getting decent hours at night because of all the rain that kept sending us home, which is the downside of working outside. Which leads me to today where I’m working with a younger guy from another group and the boss goes “Take this young man with you and teach him how to read grade stakes because we have a ditch that needs to get finished and ready for sod.”

Our day goes pretty normal. The guy is nice, mid twenties and seems intelligent all around which is cool as one thing I can’t stand is stupidity. We hit it off pretty well.  As we’re talking he’s telling me about his girlfriend and other normal guy chat. After lunch he’s like “Hey man, can you take and drop me off after work where my girl works” and I was like, “Yeah sure where is it?” and he was like, “Just up the road on Phillips Hwy not to far.”  So I agreed since it wasn’t really out of my way.

Our day goes on and we get the sod finished the ditch gets opened up the water flows and it’s all very neat and lovely that it turned out like it was supposed to.

We go to the car and we’re chitchatting on the way to his destination and he calls his gf and say hey we’ll be there in a few minutes just meet us out back. I didn’t think anything of it until he’s like  take a right here at the bar and I was like …huh? Because it wasn’t just a bar, it was one of those all nude gentlemen’s clubs.

We come into the parking lot and he jumps out and opens the gate so we can go around back.  Once we’re at the back door he knocks, of course my eyes are darting back and forth and I’m sweating a little under the collar because this is absolute last place a happily married guy wants to be, so of couse when the door opens about 4 females are peeping out around the door in various states of undress.

There is no quick way out of this and there is his girl is wearing a gypsy draped tassled up number that is barely there. I don’t even think the top she was wearing could be called a bra because it was so tiny that it looked more like a tube top for a barbie doll. Whatever it used to cover it wasn’t built for her I can tell you that. Then of course I hear the most dreaded words that you can hear in this situation “OH! Let me meet your friend”

I can hear my wife giggling madly in my head over my luck of getting myself into this kind of situation and I am trying not to stare but I really have no choice because man, it was just all out there. [sigh]  Of course her friend then sticks her head back out and goes “is the other one taken?”

And I’m thinking to myself, ” how do I get out of here without getting in trouble?”  because now she wants us to come in and I’m like I gotta go, and I once again hear my wife in my head like some kind of messed up Jimminey cricket cackling like mad because it’s just one of those days.

Yeah, that’s my kinda luck but that wasn’t the full day. Oh no, I’d pulled a muscle in my leg earlier trying to get into my machine at work so my escape in my manual transmission car was not as quick as it could have been and so I saw more flesh than I ever needed to see.

Now, of course if I had been single this never would have happened. Not in a million years [sigh]


Dave (texting from work): Forgot my lunch

Christy: You’ll just have to go get one then . Though fyi,  if you were considering the leftover chili for your lunch it will still be here when you get home if you want it for dinner…

Trust me when I say I won’t be eating chili today

 Dave :  Where is your sense of adventure?

Christy: It was chili that kept me up til midnight last night, it was the antivirus having a compatibility issue with the windows antivirus that I didn’t even know was on the pc that kept me up past 3 and much to my chagrin the chili kept making itself known.

Dave: ?

Christy: As my eyes watered for hours because of flatulence the likes of which I don’t think I’ve ever experienced I managed to triumph over the evil that is noncompatible programming that was making our computer unsafe due to two companies not being on the same page when it came to updates. 

Dave: …

Christy: And I still have gas

Dave: ROFL


I had the strangest dream last night after finally falling asleep after laying there for hours after working on a project at one of my sites.

I dreamt that Donald Trump was going to buy an old building that needed fixing up so that I could start a small t shirt printing business in the basement of the building and continue renting out the rest of the building (that still had people living there even though it was in shoddy shape after the owner passed) and then I would be able to fix it up for the people whose walls were like literally crumbling.

There was an old and I mean old old fashioned gym at the top of the building that I was going to leave the equipment in for the retro feel but throughout the grounds there were going to be sustainable garden spots to help grow food for a restaurant in the building and the leftover food (if one didn’t accidently run it over like my husband did playing with his newly restored car) would go to the people of the building that needed it.

The building itself was reminiscent of a photo I saw on Facebook yesterday by Dmitry Arkhipov

Stone Island by Dmitry Arkhipov

which you can see even better at his site at

The building in my dream was kinda like the island in the middle of the stream, it was teaming with life and even though eroded at the bottom from time and water it wasn’t going to go down without a fight. An industrious person would make sure it didn’t despite everything going on around it.
Now there was one of those walkthroughs going on for potential buyers I went through the building and he wanted to buy it because it was tht right thing to do but there was some guy against him so he decided to help us purchase it. With a bit of wile and cunning we would have (in his mind, and hey he’s the business guy who would know, lol) the perfect portfolio in our names that made it look like we would be some chumps to the seller but in reality he’d been wanting to get that other company that he was putting in our portfolio that everyone else thought was going to go bust anyway even though he had a great plan for it.

Oh and there was a werewolf living in the building but I drew the line at having ghosts and the were was a nice fellow that didn’t bother anyone unless he was bothered first. And the nice couple I met had a daughter who seemed to be like a combo of an escape artist and a climber with no fear because I saw her in on the stairs all the time when we originally toured it and the family were part and parcel with the building with the father being the maintenance guy doing the best he could with what he had and the mom running the reception or whatever downstairs.

I’m pretty sure we got the building before I got woke up by Dave crawling into bed this morning after his shift but I can’t be sure because as soon as he moved the covers I got cold no matter how warm he was.

Maybe I didn’t need the fan on last night? And maybe I shouldn’t have a glass of wine when trying to work on shirt projects? Because I’m pretty sure in the dream I had also gone to a ‘wedding mall’ no, I’m serious, lol.  It was a huge place where people could rent out rooms for weddings and receptions but the other part of it was filled with shops and all I really wanted to do was get my tee idea printed for as little as possible because the online place I’d been trying to use kept getting a frozen screen while I was working with their tools and I was just fed up. My friend Susie was there with her fab partner for some reason.

Oddly, Donald was in the mall too having a look see at what was going on and someone gave Bella some cake from one of the weddings [scratching head] yeah, maybe I shouldn’t have had a doughnut stick with that glass of wine…

I really want to go back to sleep now because I am still half asleep but once I’ve been woken that’s the end of the story. [sigh] coffee time.

So, I think the question I should have asked myself when I woke up was the dream a lead on to “One of Those Days” ?

Hmmm, lets see:

  • Insomnia 
  • Weird Dream 
  • Woke Early 
  • Woke Freezing (in the middle of summer and … [putting hand on forehead] nope no fever 

Hmm, hang on there is someone at the door?

Okay, yes, it seems like it is going to be one of those days after all. That was Danny letting me know that he and his father won’t be cutting the lawn til Friday instead of this morning because their lawn mower is on the fritz.  Which means with my luck the landlord will be putting a note on my door today telling me I have 72 hours to cut the lawn [sigh]

I need more coffee


Dave, oh how I love him even if he’s attempting to avoid the ‘honey do list’, lol.  Today’s effort of avoidance was slightly successful for about the 5 minutes.  Oh yes David Scott Ghantt that medicine cabinet will be hung today [evil laugh]


Christy: Oh and now my lovely cabinet is up!

I’d show you the cabinet on the wall but my tablet has a dead battery so here’s just a pic of what was put up as a placeholder 😀

Dave: Life Lesson for the day? Don’t think you’re wife will forget what you have been putting off even with this and the other 3 distractions you attempted 

Christy: Why’s he home from work though you wonder?

Dave: Well, they moved me to the night shift starting today.

Christy: No more sunburn or roasting in the 100℉ or more Jacksonville weather!

Dave: There is that, it’ll be nice for a change. Still want to move somewhere cooler though.

Christy: I’m with you I’m over the weather here to be honest.

Dave: Florida Seasons- Hot, Cold, Hurricane, Tourist

Christy: [laughing] Isn’t there something else on the list you promised you’d help with today?

Dave: Drat.

Christy: [batting eyelashes]

Dave: Now who’s trying to distract whom?


Update 8:25PM

Christy: I find that I need to update the blog post for today and change the category from Miscellaneous Ramblings to One of Those Days, lol.

So far I have managed to:

  1. Break a glass filled with soda when trying to crack my back (do you really wanna know? [grin] it involved a desk chair, a slippery shirt, and some wild flailing that resembled someone trout fishing that ended with me on the ground and broken glass all over the place.
  2. Soak my outfit courtesy of a new hole in the garden hose after painting a wall and going out to clean the supplies off.
  3. Spill chocolate sauce all over the clean outfit I’d put on after the hose incident when the chocolate decided to spill over the side of the little bowl I’d gotten because it tilted while I was slapping at my ankle where a mosquito had managed to attack me indoors…..

Yeah, I might as well just brush my teeth and go to bed now and save myself from any other weird stuff, lol.